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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Hikikomori phenomenon in East Asia: Regional perspectives, challenges, and opportunities for social health agenciesChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
22019Intrinsic motivation and psychological connectedness to drug abuse and rehabilitation: The perspective of self-determinationChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
32019The association between substance abuse and sexual misconduct among Macau youthsChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
42022How to win trust: The case of P2P financial fraud in ChinaLo, Tit Wing ; Kan, Wing Shan 
52022Ghost brides and crime networks in rural ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
62022Family caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic: Factors associated with anxiety and depression of carers for community-dwelling older adults in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
72022Prisoners’ perceived violence and hair regulation in Hong Kong prisons: Gender-based differencesLo, Tit Wing 
82022An innovative model of positive education with traditional Chinese moral values: An evaluation of Project BridgeLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
92022Proactive criminal thinking and restrictive deterrence: A pathway to future offending and sanction avoidanceLo, Tit Wing 
102021An inquiry into the relationship between drug users’ psychological situations and their drug-taking behaviourLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
112021Securitizing the Colour Revolution: Assessing the political role of triads in Hong Kong’s Umbrella MovementLo, Tit Wing 
122021Caregiver needs and resources assessment: Development and validationLo, Tit Wing 
132020Conditions for facilitation by voluntary organizations to enhance social cohesion in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
142021Restrictive deterrence in drug offenses: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of mixed studiesLo, Tit Wing 
152020Drugs as soulmates: The construction and validation of a 12-item soulmate scale to measure substance addiction and lonelinessLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
162020Family dynamic and antisocial adolescents in MacauLo, Tit Wing ; Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
172020Social capital and social networks of hidden drug abuse in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
182020Substance abuse and public health: A multilevel perspective and multiple responsesLo, Tit Wing 
192020“CSI效應”對香港華人群體的科學證據感知評估Lo, Tit Wing 
202019Tolerance of triads, police legitimacy, and self-help amidst the Umbrella MovementLo, Tit Wing 
212019澳門特區青少年現況及趨勢研究調查報告書 (摘要) 2019年Lo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
222019澳門賭場中的三合會犯罪 : 法外治理與企業經營Lo, Tit Wing 
232018Mainlandization, the ICAC, and the seriousness attached by local politicians to corruption in post-1997 Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
242018Predicting effects of the self and contextual factors on violence: A comparison between school students and youth offenders in MacauLo, Tit Wing 
252018Working with Chinese triad youth gangs: Correct diagnosis and strategic interventionLo, Tit Wing 
262018Report on research on rehabilitation programme provided by Drug Addiction Treatment CentreLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
272018Hidden drug abuse in Hong Kong: From social acquaintance to social isolationLo, Tit Wing 
282017Examination of the “CSI Effect” on perceptions of scientific and testimonial evidence in a Hong Kong Chinese sampleLo, Tit Wing 
29Feb-2018香港年輕⼈的困境與機遇研究報告Lo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
302016Family relationships and the self-esteem of hidden youth: A power dynamics perspectiveLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
312017Triad organized crime in Macau casinos: Extra-legal governance and entrepreneurshipLo, Tit Wing 
322016Sustaining social trust and volunteer role identity reciprocally over time in pre-adult, adult, and older volunteersLo, Tit Wing 
332016Identifying the self-anticipated reoffending risk factors of incarcerated male repeat offenders in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
342016University students' views on political influences and the status of law in post-reform China: A moderation and mediation analysisLo, Tit Wing 
352016The feasibility of expanding the jury pool in Hong Kong: A comparison of legal decision making between youth and adult mock jurorsLo, Tit Wing 
362016德育先驅 : 香港廉政公署基於青少年的廉潔教育Lo, Tit Wing 
372015One country, two cultures: Are Hong Kong mock jurors “mainlandized” by the predominant Chinese criminal justice concept of confession?Lo, Tit Wing 
382015Criminal recidivism of incarcerated male nonviolent offenders in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
392015Relationships between volunteerism and social responsibility in young volunteersLo, Tit Wing 
402014Do friendship and intimacy in virtual communications exist? An investigation of online friendship and intimacy in the context of hidden youth in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
412015The morphology and operation of organized criminal groups in Mainland ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
422014Hidden youth services: What Hong Kong can learn from JapanLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
432014Quality of life of the hidden youth in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
442014澳門特區青年問題與服務發展藍圖跟進研究報告書Lo, Tit Wing 
452014Triads and tongsLo, Tit Wing 
462013Anti-triad legislations in Hong Kong: Issues, problems and developmentLo, Tit Wing 
472014香港隱蔽青年,負面情緒及偏差行為Lo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
482014The involvement of organized criminal groups in illegal gambling in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
492013Chinese triad societyLo, Tit Wing 
502013Youths’ views on corruption control in China: Politics and social censureLo, Tit Wing 
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