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Lo, Tit Wing
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Anti-triad legislations in Hong Kong: Issues, problems and developmentLo, Tit Wing 
22019The association between substance abuse and sexual misconduct among Macau youthsChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
32010Beyond social capital: Triad organized crime in Hong Kong and ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
42004Community Service Orders in Hong Kong, England, and Wales: Twins or cousinsLo, Tit Wing 
52002Community service: Its use in criminal justiceLo, Tit Wing 
62006Community support and diversionary measures for juvenile offenders in Hong Kong: Old legacy, new ageLo, Tit Wing 
72020Conditions for facilitation by voluntary organizations to enhance social cohesion in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
82015Criminal recidivism of incarcerated male nonviolent offenders in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
92020“CSI效應”對香港華人群體的科學證據感知評估Lo, Tit Wing 
102000Curbing draconian powers: The effects on Hong Kong's graft‐fighterLo, Tit Wing 
112023Development and validation of the caregiver needs and resources assessmentLo, Tit Wing ; Chong, Alice Ming Lin ; Lam, Beck Chun Yiu 
122006Diversion from youth courts in five Asia Pacific jurisdictions: Welfare or restorative solutionsLo, Tit Wing 
132014Do friendship and intimacy in virtual communications exist? An investigation of online friendship and intimacy in the context of hidden youth in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
142020Drugs as soulmates: The construction and validation of a 12-item soulmate scale to measure substance addiction and lonelinessLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
152016The effect of negative experiences on delinquent behavior of youth in a social withdrawal situationChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
162023Effective sanction avoidance in drug trafficking: The construction and validation of the restrictive deterrence utility scale using a sample of female drug offendersLo, Tit Wing 
172017Examination of the “CSI Effect” on perceptions of scientific and testimonial evidence in a Hong Kong Chinese sampleLo, Tit Wing 
182022Family caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic: Factors associated with anxiety and depression of carers for community-dwelling older adults in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
192020Family dynamic and antisocial adolescents in MacauLo, Tit Wing ; Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
202016Family relationships and the self-esteem of hidden youth: A power dynamics perspectiveLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee