Chong, Alice Ming Lin

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Chong, Alice Ming Lin
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Aging well socially through engagement with life: Adapting Rowe and Kahn’ s model of successful aging to Chinese cultural contextChong, Alice Ming Lin 
22016Applying western models of volunteering in Hong Kong: The role of empathy, prosocial motivation and motive–experience fit for volunteeringChong, Alice Ming Lin 
32015Associations between secondary caregivers’ supportive behavior and psychological distress of primary spousal caregivers of cognitively intact and impaired eldersChong, Alice Ming Lin 
41998Attitudes of Chinese elderly people towards death: Practical implications for social workersChong, Alice Ming Lin 
52005Attitudes toward euthanasia in Hong Kong – A comparison between physicians and the general publicChong, Alice Ming Lin 
62009Attitudes toward euthanasia: Implications for social work practiceChong, Alice Ming Lin 
72012Availability, use, and cultivation of support networks as predictors of the well-being of middle-aged and older Chinese: A panel studyChong, Alice Ming Lin 
82020Benefits of volunteering on psychological well-being in older adulthood: evidence from a randomized controlled trialChong, Alice Ming Lin 
92004Breaking bad news: A Chinese perspectiveChong, Alice Ming Lin 
102003Breaking bad news: A Chinese perspectiveChong, Alice Ming Lin 
112017Can domestic helpers moderate distress of offspring caregivers of cognitively impaired older adults?Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
122010Chinese values and stressors of construction professionals in Hong KongChong, Alice Ming Lin 
132012Cognitive predictors of satisfaction in Hong Kong institutional care residentsChong, Alice Ming Lin 
142001The construction and validation of a scale for consumer satisfaction of residential care in Hong KongChong, Alice Ming Lin 
152008Contribution of lifestyle to positive ageing in Hong KongChong, Alice Ming Lin 
162016A cross-cultural study of explicit and implicit motivation for long-term volunteeringChong, Alice Ming Lin 
172004Demystifying stakeholders’ commitment and its impacts on construction projectsChong, Alice Ming Lin 
182008Developing structural integrated stressor-stress models for clients’ and contractors’ cost engineersChong, Alice Ming Lin 
192023Development and validation of the caregiver needs and resources assessmentLo, Tit Wing ; Chong, Alice Ming Lin ; Lam, Beck Chun Yiu 
202014Domestic helpers as moderators of spousal caregiver distressChong, Alice Ming Lin