Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang

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Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021The age and gender effect on four forms of peer victimization among Chinese children and adolescentsLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
22016Can Hong Kong Chinese parents and their adolescent children benefit from an adapted UK parenting programme?Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
32013Can parenting programme reduce parent-adolescents conflicts in Hong Kong?Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
42018Did students apply what they had learned from a positive youth development program in their real-life situations?Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
52018Does students' academic ability make a difference in the learning outcomes of a positive youth development program in Hong Kong?Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
62023Effectiveness of a culturally specific school-based cognitive-behavioural group therapy for primary school children with anxiety problems in Hong KongLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
72018Evaluating effectiveness of cognitive–behavior therapy for Hong Kong adolescents with anxiety problemsLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
82018Examining the psychometrics of the professional suitability scale for social workLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
92021Family conflicts, anxiety and depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation of Chinese adolescents in Hong KongLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
102020Family dynamic and antisocial adolescents in MacauLo, Tit Wing ; Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
112023Find joy in sorrows: The role of hope in buffering the psychological impact of COVID-19 on Chinese university students in Hong KongChan, Stephen Cheong Yu ; Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
122019Marital liberalization in relation to life satisfactionLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
132017The moderating effects of gratitude on the association between perceived parenting styles and suicidal ideationLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
142018The moderating effects of positive psychological strengths on the relationship between parental anxiety and child depression: The significance of father's role in Hong KongLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
152019Moderation effect of social capital on flourishing among left-behind and other children in rural ChinaLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
162023Parent-adolescent conflict: Adolescents’ coping strategies and preferred parenting styles during the social movements in Hong Kong, 2019Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
172018Parenting discrepancy and child development in Chinese contextLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
182014Parents’ perception of effective components of a parenting programme for parents of adolescents in Hong KongLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
192017The relationship between childhood physical abuse and suicidal ideation among Chinese university students: Possible moderatorsLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
202019Relationship between peer victimization and reactive–proactive aggression in school childrenLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang