Chan, Stephen Cheong Yu

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Chan, Stephen Cheong Yu
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Age friendliness and life satisfaction of young-old and old-old in Hong KongChan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
22023Associations among social participation types, mental and subjective well‐being in Chinese older adults during the COVID‐19 pandemicChan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
32022"Better hope, less depressed": The potential mediating role of pathways thinking between negative emotions and depressive symptoms among Chinese university studentsChan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
42020The detrimental impacts of negative age stereotypes on the episodic memory of older adults: Does social participation moderate the effects?Chan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
52024Effects of age-based stereotype threat on time-based prospective memoryChan, Stephen Cheong Yu ; Wong, John Chi Chung 
62023Find joy in sorrows: The role of hope in buffering the psychological impact of COVID-19 on Chinese university students in Hong KongChan, Stephen Cheong Yu ; Low, Andrew Yiu Tsang 
72023Positive emotions, hope, and life satisfaction in Chinese older adults: An application of broaden-and-build modelChan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
82023The psychometric properties of the Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS-6) and its associations with well-being indicators in Hong Kong older adultsChan, Stephen Cheong Yu ; Wong, John Chi Chung 
92023Sad mood bridges depressive symptoms and cognitive performance in community-dwelling older adults: A network approachChan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
102020Sense of community mediating between age-friendly characteristics and life satisfaction of community-dwelling older adultsChan, Stephen Cheong Yu 
112019Social participation and life satisfaction: The differential mediating effects of social network size and social support among young-old and old-oldChan, Stephen Cheong Yu