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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Fast and efficient intra coding techniques for smooth regions in screen content coding based on boundary prediction samplesSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Fast CU partition strategy for HEVC intra-frame Coding using learning approach via random forestsSiu, Wan Chi 
2016Fast HEVC screen content coding by skipping unnecessary checking of intra block copy mode based on CU activity and gradientSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Fast HEVC to SCC transcoder by early CU partitioning termination and decision tree-based flexible mode decision for intra-frame codingSiu, Wan Chi 
2018Fast HEVC to SCC transcoding based on decision treesSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Fast image interpolation via random forestsSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Fast image interpolation with decision treeSiu, Wan Chi 
2017Fast image super-resolution via Randomized Multi-split ForestsSiu, Wan Chi 
2018Fast intraprediction for high-efficiency video coding screen content coding by content analysis and dynamic thresholdingSiu, Wan Chi 
2017Fast mode decision algorithm for HEVC screen content intra codingSiu, Wan Chi 
2021Fast monocular vision place recognition for nonā€uniform vehicle speed and varying lighting environmentSiu, Wan Chi 
2018Fast monocular vision-based railway localization for situations with varying speedsSiu, Wan Chi 
2021Features guided face super-resolution via hybrid model of deep learning and random forestsSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2022Golden opportunity for using Signal Processing Techniques in deep learning advancementSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Hash based fast local search for Intra Block Copy (IntraBC) mode in HEVC screen content codingSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Hierarchical back projection network for image super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2022Highly reliable vehicle detection through CNN with attention mechanismSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2022IEEE Hong Kong Section 50th anniversary 1972-2022: Advancing technology for humanity - The tech-biz intelligence
2019Image super-resolution via attention based back projection networksSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2015Image super-resolution via hybrid NEDI and wavelet-based schemeSiu, Wan Chi