Siu, Wan Chi

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Siu, Wan Chi
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Adaptive search range by neighbouring depth intensity weighted sum for HEVC texture codingSiu, Wan Chi 
22017Adaptive search range for HEVC motion estimation based on depth informationSiu, Wan Chi 
32019Advanced SeqSLAM using discriminative information for light-rail localization at high frame rateSiu, Wan Chi 
42015Best linear near unbiased estimation for nonlinear signal models via semi-infinite programming approachSiu, Wan Chi 
52019Clustering-based compression for population DNA sequencesSiu, Wan Chi 
62015Compression of multiple DNA sequences using intra-sequence and inter-sequence similaritiesSiu, Wan Chi 
72020DeepSCC: Deep learning based fast prediction network for screen content codingSiu, Wan Chi 
82016Design of variable bandwidth symmetric/anti-symmetric FIR single-band PCLS lowpass and highpass filtersSiu, Wan Chi 
92017Efficient temporal and interlayer parameter prediction for weighted prediction in scalable high efficiency video codingSiu, Wan Chi 
102021Efficient video super-resolution via hierarchical temporal residual networksSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
112016Efficient wedgelet pattern decision for depth modeling modes in three-dimensional high-efficiency video codingSiu, Wan Chi 
122019Fast HEVC to SCC transcoder by early CU partitioning termination and decision tree-based flexible mode decision for intra-frame codingSiu, Wan Chi 
132015Fast image interpolation via random forestsSiu, Wan Chi 
142018Fast intraprediction for high-efficiency video coding screen content coding by content analysis and dynamic thresholdingSiu, Wan Chi 
152021Fast monocular vision place recognition for nonā€uniform vehicle speed and varying lighting environmentSiu, Wan Chi 
162021Features guided face super-resolution via hybrid model of deep learning and random forestsSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
172017Learning hierarchical decision trees for single-image super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi 
182015Learning-based image interpolation via robust k-NN searching for coherent AR parameters estimationSiu, Wan Chi 
192020Lightening network for low-light image enhancementSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
202017A local variance based approach to alleviate the scene content interference for source camera identificationSiu, Wan Chi