Chan, Anthony Hing-Hung

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Chan, Anthony Hing-Hung
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Adaptive bandwidth management and joint call admission control to enhance system utilization and QoS in heterogeneous wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
22019Adaptive transmission control for software defined vehicular networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
32006Analysis of energy efficient clustering schemes for ad hoc sensor networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
42006An applicable GSM network model for networking in rural environmentsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
52013Architecture and performance evaluation of a hybrid intrusion detection system for IP telephonyChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
62011An automated signature generation approach for polymorphic worms using principal component analysisChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
72012Bandwidth aggregation in heterogeneous wireless networks: A survey of current approaches and issuesChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
81995The benefits of stress testingChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
92019Betweenness centrality based software defined routing: Observation from practical Internet datasetsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
102014Data envelopment analysis with slacks model for energy efficient multicast over coded packet wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
112023Decentralized governance and artificial intelligence policy with blockchain-based voting in federated learningChow, Charles Kin Man ; Chan, Anthony Hing-Hung ; Lee, Alisdair Chun On 
122016Design and performance evaluation of distributed mobility management schemes for network mobilityChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
132011Distributed and dynamic mobility management in mobile Internet: Current approaches and issuesChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
142013Distributed IP mobility management from the perspectives of the IETF: Motivations, requirements, approaches, comparison, and challengesChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
152015Distributed mobility management with distributed routing management at access routers for network-based mobility supportChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
162017Distributed mobility management with mobile host identity protocol proxyChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
172010Dynamic pricing for load-balancing in user-centric joint call admission control of next-generation wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
182012Dynamic RAT selection for multiple calls in heterogeneous wireless networks using group decision-making techniqueChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
192011Effect of mobile terminal heterogeneity on call blocking/dropping probability in cooperative heterogeneous cellular networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
202008Emission and discard priority scheme for optical burst switched networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung