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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Coaxial electrospinning using a concentric Teflon spinneret to prepare biphasic-release nanofibers of helicidBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
22021The effect of drug heterogeneous distributions within core-sheath nanostructures on its sustained release profilesBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
32019The relationships between the working fluids, process characteristics and products from the modified coaxial electrospinning of zeinBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
42013Dual drug release nanocomposites prepared using a combination of electrospraying and electrospinningBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
52011Coaxial electrospinning with organic solvent for controlling the size of self-assembled nanoparticlesBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
62012Coaxial electrospinning with sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate solution for high quality polyacrylonitrile nanofibersBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
72014Electrosprayed core-shell nanoparticles of PVP and shellac for furnishing biphasic controlled release of ferulic acidBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
82015Nanofibers fabricated using triaxial electrospinning as zero order drug delivery systemsBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
92021Electrospun Janus beads-on-a-string structures for different types of controlled release profiles of double drugsBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
102009Preparation and characterization of medicated PAN/PVP composite fibers for better drug release profilesBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
112009Oral fast-dissolving drug delivery membranes prepared from electrospun polyvinylpyrrolidone ultrafine fibersBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
122016Theranostic fibers for simultaneous imaging and drug deliveryBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
132016Electrospun contrast-agent-loaded fibers for colon-targeted MRIBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
142021Testing of fast dissolution of ibuprofen from its electrospun hydrophilic polymer nanocompositesBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
152022A review on Electrospun poly(amino acid) nanofibers and their applications of hemostasis and wound healingBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
162011Improving polymer nanofiber quality using a modified co-axial electrospinning processBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
172020Comparative study of electrospun crystal-based and composite-based drug nano depotsBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
182019The key role of straight fluid jet in predicting the drug dissolution from electrospun nanofibersBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
192016Electrospun pH-sensitive core-shell polymer nanocomposites fabricated using a tri-axial processBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
202020Electrospun Janus nanofibers loaded with a drug and inorganic nanoparticles as an effective antibacterial wound dressingBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
212016Medicated Janus fibers fabricated using a Teflon-coated side-by-side spinneretBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
222015Electrospun medicated shellac nanofibers for colon-targeted drug deliveryBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
232011Self-assembled liposomes from amphiphilic electrospun nanofibersBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
242022Co-loading of inorganic nanoparticles and natural oil in the Electrospun Janus nanofibers for a synergetic antibacterial effectBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
252020Multifluid electrospinning for the generation of complex nanostructuresBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
262020Electrospun tri-layer nanodepots for sustained release of acyclovirWang, Menglong 
272023Recent progress of electrospun herbal medicine nanofibersBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
282023Progress in preparing electrospun Janus fibers and their applicationsBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
292023Exploring wettability difference-driven wetting by utilizing electrospun chimeric Janus microfiber comprising cellulose acetate and polyvinylpyrrolidoneBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
302024Electrospun fenoprofen / polycaprolactone @ tranexamic acid / hydroxyapatite nanofibers as orthopedic hemostasis dressingsBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
312024Integrated Janus nanofibers enabled by a co-shell solvent for enhancing icariin delivery efficiencyBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
322024Electrospun multi-functional medicated tri-section Janus nanofibers for an improved anti-adhesion tendon repairBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
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