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3212014From micro-situational making of agency to multi-level reflection on social relation and structure: The case of Qing Hong Program after ‘5.12’ earthquake of Sichuan, ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
3222020Resilience for dropout students with depression in secondary schools in Hong Kong: Parental attachment, hope and community integrationTsui, Ming Sum 
3232013從抗逆力到抵抗:重建西方社會工作實務中的優勢視角Tsui, Ming Sum 
3242016Neo-liberalism and the professional identity of social workers: A Hong Kong case studyPak, Michael Chui Man ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
3252019The base of social work: Relationship, client, evidence or values? (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
3262021A bridge over the troubled water: The roles and functions of social workers in the divided world (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
3272008The nature of practice wisdom in social work revisitedTsui, Ming Sum 
3281994An experience beyond research: Reflections from the involvement in a study on the effectiveness of social network intervention in enhancing family functioningTsui, Ming Sum 
3292007A participative learning and teaching model: The partnership of students and teachers in practice teachingTsui, Ming Sum 
3302019Working with differences and diversities: From discrimination to dignity (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
331Dec-2012Report of consultancy study on Child Development Fund pioneer projectsTsui, Ming Sum 
3322019From a small step to a milestone: A new journey for the journal (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
3332005From supervision to organizational learning: Integrating supervision, mentorship, consultation, and coachingTsui, Ming Sum 
3342019Chaos in order: The evolution of social work supervision practice in the Chinese MainlandMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
3352019Utilisation patterns of home care services of long-term care programmes and primary caregivers’ workload in TaiwanTsui, Ming Sum 
3362019Relationships are central to social work (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
3371996Values and knowledge: Critical issues in the development of social work education in ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
338Oct-2003Dealing with terrorism: What social workers should and can do?Tsui, Ming Sum 
3391992兒童德育 : 從理念到實踐(第 2 版)Tsui, Ming Sum 
3402019The nature of social work: Reflection over humanistic practice (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
341Jul-2003Current supervisory practice in the Social work field in Hong KongTsui, Ming Sum 
3421994Changing traditional Chinese values in Hong Kong: Application for therapy — Psychotherapy for the ChineseTsui, Ming Sum 
3432004國際層面的減少藥物濫用傷害法Tsui, Ming Sum 
3442019Social work values in social services administration textbooks: A profession overshadow by a managerialist approachTsui, Ming Sum 
3452019Relationship between social workers and service users: A critical reviewTsui, Ming Sum 
3462009Social work administration revisited: A re-examination of concepts, context, and contentTsui, Ming Sum 
3472021The historical development of knowledge in social work supervision: Finding new directions from the pastTsui, Ming Sum ; Mo, Kitty Yuen Han 
3481999The future of social work: A revision and a visionTsui, Ming Sum 
3492019失獨家庭社會工作服務模式探究 —— 以 “暖心計劃 —— 廣州市番禺區支持失獨家庭服務” 項目為例Tsui, Ming Sum 
3502005The use of supervisory authority in Chinese cultural contextTsui, Ming Sum ; Lam, Ching Man 
3512008社會工作督導 : 脈絡與概念Tsui, Ming Sum 
3522014Researching supervision: A participative learning process for knowledge production in social work?Tsui, Ming Sum 
3532002Report of the Task Force on Psychotropic Substance AbuseTsui, Ming Sum 
3542018Conjuncture and cultural reproduction in the process of embedding: Social work practice in the context of government purchase of services in ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
3552004社會工作的三個爭論及其對中國社會工作專業發展的啟示Tsui, Ming Sum 
3562007The quest for western social work knowledge: Literature in the USA and practice in ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
3572009Labour welfare in Hong Kong: Its context and contentTsui, Ming Sum 
3582000社會工作行政的本質 : 探索、反思與啟示Tsui, Ming Sum 
3592004In search of an optimal model for board-executive relationships in voluntary human service organizationsTsui, Ming Sum 
3602005Towards informed supervisory practice: Knowledge, theory and methodsTsui, Ming Sum 
3612006北美社會工作的三個爭論及其對中國社會工作專業發展的啟示Tsui, Ming Sum 
3622002香港的社會工作督導 : 目標, 結構與關係的探討Tsui, Ming Sum 
3632005Organizational theoryTsui, Ming Sum 
3642018Psychological well-being and adolescents’ Internet addiction: A school-based cross-sectional study in Hong KongTsui, Ming Sum 
3652010From resilience to resistance: A reconstruction of the strengths perspective in social work practiceTsui, Ming Sum 
3662002Applying the Structure of the Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy on student’s learning outcomes: An empirical studyTsui, Ming Sum 
3672004Charting the course of future research on supervisionTsui, Ming Sum 
3682002A wake-up call to the social work professionTsui, Ming Sum 
3692005The nature, culture and future of supervisionTsui, Ming Sum 
3702015Social work supervision research (1970-2010): The way we were and the way aheadTsui, Ming Sum 
Results 1-50 of 177 (Search time: 0.031 seconds).