Tsui, Ming Sum

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Tsui, Ming Sum
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Adventures in re-searching the features of social work supervision in Hong KongTsui, Ming Sum 
22000Alcohol use and family violence: The relationship revisitedTsui, Ming Sum 
32002Applying the Structure of the Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy on student’s learning outcomes: An empirical studyTsui, Ming Sum 
42023Back to future: International social work in the new era (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
52013The boundaries of the social work relationship revisited: Towards a connected, inclusive and dynamic conceptualisationTsui, Ming Sum 
61997Changing roles of non-governmental organizations in dealing with substance abuse problemsTsui, Ming Sum 
72019Chaos in order: The evolution of social work supervision practice in the Chinese MainlandMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
81997A child's conception of another world: A Chinese boy's view of CanadaTsui, Ming Sum 
91999Chinese culture and social work (Readers' Comment)Tsui, Ming Sum ; Lam, Ching Man 
102018Conjuncture and cultural reproduction in the process of embedding: Social work practice in the context of government purchase of services in ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
112018Constructing an evidence-informed social work supervision modelTsui, Ming Sum 
12Oct-2003Dealing with terrorism: What social workers should and can do?Tsui, Ming Sum 
132010Developing social work in developing countries: Experiences in the Asia Pacific Region (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
142023Development of the perceived salient organizational career management (OCM) practices scale in Southern ChinaMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Wong, Yu Cheung ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
151995Divergence and convergence: In search of a common base of the notion of the welfare state in China and in the WestTsui, Ming Sum 
162004Dreaming social workTsui, Ming Sum 
171997Empirical research on social work supervision: The state of the art (1970-1995)Tsui, Ming Sum 
182004Empowerment by hotline: Experiences during the SARS outbreakTsui, Ming Sum 
192017Examining the neoliberal discourse of accountability: The case of Hong Kong’s social service sectorTsui, Ming Sum ; Chu, Chi Keung 
202016External supervision for social workers in another socio-political context: A qualitative study in Shenzhen, ChinaMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Tsui, Ming Sum