Lam, Ching Man

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Lam, Ching Man
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Adolescent cough medicine abuse in Hong Kong: Implications for the design of positive youth development programs in Hong KongLam, Ching Man 
21998Adolescent development in the context of Canadian-Chinese immigrant families: A theoretical frameworkLam, Ching Man 
31993Assessment of marital outcome relative to expectation: The Chinese version of the Marital Comparison Level IndexLam, Ching Man 
42008Beliefs about cough medicine abuse among Chinese young people in Hong KongLam, Ching Man 
52021Blended learning in social work practice courses: A reflective learning modelLam, Ching Man 
62022Blueprint for social work blended learning curriculum in the Chinese contextLam, Ching Man 
72012A challenged professional identity: The struggles of new social workers in ChinaLam, Ching Man 
82005Chinese construction of adolescent development outcome: Themes discerned in a qualitative studyLam, Ching Man 
91999Chinese culture and social work (Readers' Comment)Tsui, Ming Sum ; Lam, Ching Man 
102014Collaborative learning in group parent education: A case study of process and outcomeLam, Ching Man 
112016Continuing education for the emerging social work profession in China: Exploring the experiment in ShenzhenLam, Ching Man 
122004Coping with economic disadvantage. A qualitative study of Chinese adolescents from low-income familiesLam, Ching Man 
132003Covert parental control: Parent-adolescent interaction and adolescent development in a Chinese contextLam, Ching Man 
141997A cultural perspective on the study of Chinese adolescent developmentLam, Ching Man 
152013The dawn is too distant: The experience of 28 social work graduates entering the social work field in ChinaLam, Ching Man 
162020Development and validation of a questionnaire on Chinese parents' beliefs in parental roles and responsibilitiesLam, Ching Man 
172019Division of labor in parenting amongst Chinese parents in Hong KongLam, Ching Man 
182015Driving ducks onto a perch: The experience of locally trained Shenzhen supervisorLam, Ching Man 
192008Evaluation of Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong: Utilization of student weekly diaryLam, Ching Man 
202009Evaluation of project P.A.T.H.S. using students’ weekly diaries: Replication based on secondary 2 studentsLam, Ching Man