Wong, Yu Cheung

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Wong, Yu Cheung
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Administrative buy-in for user participation in managing social servicesWong, Yu Cheung 
22012Career preferences of social work students in Beijing and ShanghaiWong, Yu Cheung 
32011The challenges for educational achievements of young Mainland Chinese migrants in Hong KongWong, Yu Cheung 
42014Child Deprivation Indicators (CDIs): A new way to measure child poverty in urban ChinaWong, Yu Cheung 
51998Community support for frail elderly in public housingWong, Yu Cheung 
62002Community-based service for the frail elderly in ChinaWong, Yu Cheung 
72011A comparative study of older people with disability in two world cities: The pursuit of an inclusive communityWong, Yu Cheung 
82003Cultural divergence in cross-border marriage in Hong Kong: A call for culturally sensitive approach in social work practiceWong, Yu Cheung 
92010Cyber-parenting: Internet benefits, risks and parenting issuesWong, Yu Cheung 
102020Development and validation of the scale on staff valence under ICF-based practice (SSV-ICF)Wong, Yu Cheung 
112023Development of the perceived salient organizational career management (OCM) practices scale in Southern ChinaMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Wong, Yu Cheung ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
122010Digital divide and social inclusion: Policy challenge for social development in Hong Kong and South KoreaWong, Yu Cheung 
132015Digital divide challenges of children in low-income families: The case of ShanghaiWong, Yu Cheung 
142022EditorialWong, Yu Cheung 
152014Empowerment of senior citizens via the learning of information and communication technologyWong, Yu Cheung 
162004Engaging students in a virtual classroom: The use of bulletin boards in teaching and learning for Chinese learnersWong, Yu Cheung 
172001Glorious work: Employment of adults with a learning disability in Guangzhou from the perspective of their parentsWong, Yu Cheung 
182012Humanitarian welfare values in a changing social environment: A survey of social work undergraduate students in Beijing and ShanghaiWong, Yu Cheung 
192023Impact of implementing new ICF-based practices on staff valence of disability practitioners: An experience in Hong KongWong, Yu Cheung 
202011An inclusive society for all: An experimental study among elders with a disability in ChinaWong, Yu Cheung