Chiu, Dah Ming

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Chiu, Dah Ming
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014The academic social networkChiu, Dah Ming 
22013An adaptive cloud downloading serviceChiu, Dah Ming 
32015Analysis and detection of fake views in online video servicesChiu, Dah Ming 
42009Analysis and scheduling of practical network coding in OFDMA relay networksChiu, Dah Ming 
51989Analysis of the increase and decrease algorithms for congestion avoidance in computer networksChiu, Dah Ming 
62014Analytical QoE models for bit-rate switching in dynamic adaptive streaming systemsChiu, Dah Ming 
71996Building collaboration software for the InternetChiu, Dah Ming 
82009Characterizing the capacity gain of stream control scheduling in MIMO wireless mesh networksChiu, Dah Ming 
92008Club formation by rational sharing: Content, viability and community structureChiu, Dah Ming 
102010DCAR: Distributed coding-aware routing in wireless networksChiu, Dah Ming 
112011Design and evaluation of load balancing algorithms in P2P streaming protocolsChiu, Dah Ming 
122009The design trade-offs of BitTorrent-like file sharing protocolsChiu, Dah Ming 
132007A distributed throttling approach for handling high bandwidth aggregatesChiu, Dah Ming 
142014An economic analysis of routing conflict and its resolutionChiu, Dah Ming 
152014Economic viability of Paris Metro Pricing for digital servicesChiu, Dah Ming 
162009Entropy based adaptive flow aggregationChiu, Dah Ming 
171990Experiences of designing a sophisticated network monitorChiu, Dah Ming 
182007Fairness of traffic controls for inelastic flows in the InternetChiu, Dah Ming 
192020Fine-grained dynamic price prediction in ride-on-demand services: Models and evaluationsChiu, Dah Ming 
202008A game–theoretic analysis of the implications of overlay network traffic on ISP peeringChiu, Dah Ming