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Title: 理想或幻想:外聘督導者能做什麼?
Author(s): Tsui, Ming Sum 
Author(s): 白倩如
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: 江西省民政廳
Journal: 社會工作 
Issue: 4
Start page: 70
End page: 84
自20世紀90年代新管理主義盛行後, 對機構督導者職能之要求, 集中在績效表現和風險控管。在此背景下, 諸多學者建議, 應聘請機構外的專家協助發揮督導的教育與支持功能。外聘督導者成為現行許多地區用以協助提升專業服務質量之機制。然而, 聘請外聘督導者提供協助, 對機構和社會工作者有其優點和限制。本文以台灣中部地區兒少福利機構社會工作為研究對象, 探討其對外聘督導角色功能的期望與實際情況。研究結果發現,社會工作者普遍認為外聘督導的實際功能是低於期望的, 其中不論是期望的或實際的角色功能, 都是教育與品管性功能高於支持與調節性功能。至於督導關系則是權威遵從度較高,社會工作者對外聘督導者有權威和親近的關系時, 才能發揮較大督導功能。外聘督導必須了解組織中的網絡關系, 及其對督導效能之影響。本文建議, 應認識機構聘請外聘督導者之目標與其功能發揮程度息息相關, 並發展較長期聘用制度。

Since the rise of New Managerialism in the 1990s, the role and functions of social work supervisors has shifted to performance and risk-control. Many scholars keep advocating that external supervisors as the outsiders could meet the educational and supporting needs of social workers much better. External supervision has become a popular quality control mechanism in international social work practice. However, using external supervisor has advantages and limitations. The study explored the relationships among supervisory relationship, role expectation and real function of external supervisors, investigated social workers in central Taiwan children and youth welfare institutions. The findings reveal that the expectation to external supervisors is higher than their real function regarding both expected or real role functions, the mean scores of educational and quality-control functions were higher than supporting and mediating functions. It is worth noting that external supervision will work only if social workers are respect, compliance and trust to external supervisors. External supervisors have to understand the network "guanxi" in the social welfare organization, and its impact to the effectiveness of supervision. It is argued that the long term and institutionalized external supervisor mechanism is necessary to ensure supervisory outcome and goal achieved.
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