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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000Auditing standards in China — A comparative analysis with relevant international standards and guidelinesChan, Koon Hung 
22001Accounting and management controls in the classical Chinese novel: A Dream of the Red MansionsChan, Koon Hung 
32017The effects of strategic and manufacturing flexibilities and supply chain agility on firm performance in the fashion industryMoon, Karen Ka Leung 
42005International transfer pricing in China: Post WTO (2nd ed.)Chan, Koon Hung 
52010Will a departure from tax-based accounting encourage tax noncompliance? Archival evidence from a transition economyChan, Koon Hung 
62012Can auditors constrain tax noncompliance?Chan, Koon Hung 
72019Institutional environment, political connection and IPO audit quality: Evidence from Hong KongChan, Koon Hung 
82016Personality, learning styles, learning motivation, and academic performance: A study of Macau business undergraduates in a microeconomics courseLi, Kris Chun Lok 
92017客戶滿意度在企業社會責任、企業聲譽及信譽之間所發生的影響:以臺灣農會信用部為例Wong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
102017The acceptance of using social mobile application for learning in Hong Kong’s higher educationNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
112017A study of factors affecting trust in online shoppingWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
121997An empirical study of tax audits in China on international transfer pricingChan, Koon Hung 
132017Tax collector or tax avoider? An investigation of intergovernmental agency conflictsChan, Koon Hung 
142001Corporate environments and international transfer pricing: An empirical study of China in a developing economy frameworkChan, Koon Hung 
152006A political-economic analysis of auditor reporting and auditor switchesChan, Koon Hung 
162016Auditors' constraining effect on tax noncompliance at different book-tax conformity levels in a transition economyChan, Koon Hung 
172012Corporate governance and tax aggressivenessChan, Koon Hung 
182014Impact of tax reduction policies for consumer purchase of new automobiles: An analytical investigation with real data-based experimentsChan, Koon Hung 
192017Determinants affecting repurchasing behaviors towards online shopping in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
202016A comparison of service quality attributes for stand-alone and resort-based luxury hotels in Macau: 3-Dimensional importance-performance analysisLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
212012Government ownership, accounting-based regulations, and the pursuit of favorable audit opinions: Evidence from ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
222013Estimating the cost of improving hospital performance using quality measures with statistical errorLi, Kris Chun Lok 
231997An investigation of market response to earnings announcements: Multinational firms versus domestic firmsChan, Koon Hung 
242016Student satisfaction and school reputation: The moderating role of student loyalty and school imageWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
252006Managerial autonomy and tax compliance: An empirical study on international transfer pricingChan, Koon Hung 
262000Tax holidays and tax noncompliance: An empirical study of corporate tax audits in China’s developing economyChan, Koon Hung 
272015An empirical analysis of the changes in tax audit focus on international transfer pricingChan, Koon Hung 
282015Importance-performance analysis in tourism: A framework for researchersLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
292015A preliminary study on the impact of availability of e-resources on part-time teachers' job satisfaction in Hong Kong self-finance institutionsNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
302016The impact of social mobile application on students’ learning interest and academic performance in Hong Kong’s sub-degree educationNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
312013Personality differences and hotel web design study using targeted positive and negative association rule miningLeung, Rosanna 
322017The positioning of small- and medium-sized retail travel agencies in Hong KongSun, Edic Yuk Shing 
332003An empirical study on the impact of culture on audit-detected accounting errorsChan, Koon Hung 
342015Hospital diagnostic aggregation and risk-adjusted qualityLi, Kris Chun Lok 
352016The effects of corporate social responsibility of fast-food restaurants on corporate reputationWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
362016A comparison of different approaches to modeling financial statementsLiu, Maggie Chunhui 
372016The relationship between institution branding, teaching quality and student satisfaction in higher education in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
382016Determinants and implications of long audit reporting lags: Evidence from ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
392021Exploring the relationship between National eHealth development and Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions using the WHO Global eHealth SurveysLi, Kris Chun Lok 
402019Service quality and customer satisfaction on budget airlines: Kano Model approachWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen ; Ho, Mandy Wai Man 
412016Leveraging education of information technology in business: The application of a project-based, problem-based, and flexible learning modelNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
422016How to improve the university-industry collaboration in Taiwan’s animation industry? Academic vs. industrial perspectivesLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
432015Hybrid learning and educational technology: Concept and applicationNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lai, Ivan Ka Wai 
442015Auditors’ constraining effect on tax noncompliance and its implications for financial statement misstatements in transition to adopt IFRSChan, Koon Hung 
452015The correlation of factors in nature of knowledge and their effects on knowledge transfer in private finance initiative projectsWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
462015Barriers to software adoption: A study of building information modelling (BIM) technology in the Hong Kong construction industryWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
472021Can auditors' local knowledge compensate for a weaker regulatory oversight for the audit quality of foreign companies?Chan, Koon Hung 
482022Creating immersive and parasocial live shopping experience for viewers: the role of streamers' interactional communication styleYu, Irina Yang 
492022How needs for belongingness and justice influence social identity and performances: Evidence from the hospitality industryYu, Irina Yang 
502022Communication strategies for multi-tier loyalty programs: The role of progress framingYu, Irina Yang 
Results 101-150 of 181 (Search time: 0.056 seconds).