Wong, Anthony Tik Tsuen

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Wong, Anthony Tik Tsuen
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Barriers to software adoption: A study of building information modelling (BIM) technology in the Hong Kong construction industryWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
22016Competitiveness of higher education institutions in Hong Kong: The mediating effect of student satisfaction, school image and student loyaltyWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
32015The correlation of factors in nature of knowledge and their effects on knowledge transfer in private finance initiative projectsWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
42017Determinants affecting repurchasing behaviors towards online shopping in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
52019Do corporate social responsibility and safety of food affect reputation? A study of fast-food restaurants industry in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
62020E-tourism: How customers’ intention to use be affected?Wong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
72016The effects of corporate social responsibility of fast-food restaurants on corporate reputationWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
82015The effects of employment opportunity on organizational commitment and intention to quit in China's IT outsourcing industryWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
92018A factorial study of persuading effects of mall aesthetics on shoppers’ purchase intentions in Chennai CityWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
102016Green approaches in Hong Kong’s fast-food restaurants and its effects on corporate imageWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
112018The impact of corporate social responsibility and food health and safety, on the corporate image of Hong Kong's fast-food restaurantsWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
122017The intervening effect of customer satisfaction in the relationship between corporate social responsibility and reputation and credibility: Case of credit departments of Taiwan's Farmer AssociationWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
132017The relationship between customer satisfaction and corporate reputation and credibilityWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
142016The relationship between institution branding, teaching quality and student satisfaction in higher education in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
152017The relationships between corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction in Taiwan Farmer AssociationWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
162015The relationships between knowledge transfer, knowledge dissemination capability and inter-organizational dynamics in public and private sectors organizationsWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
172019A review of the effects of instant messaging and online social media on the communication skills of the young generation in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
182019Service quality and customer satisfaction of budget airlines: Demographics analysis by Kano ModelWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen ; Ho, Mandy Wai Man 
192019Service quality and customer satisfaction on budget airlines: Kano Model approachWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen ; Ho, Mandy Wai Man 
202016Student satisfaction and school reputation: The moderating role of student loyalty and school imageWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen