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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Intergenerational volunteerism in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
22006Inequality, crime and the floating population in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
32005Supportive services for immigrant youths in Hong Kong: Strategies and outcomesLo, Tit Wing 
42005Task-centered groupwork: Reflections on practiceLo, Tit Wing 
52005Youth crime and youth culture in the inner city (Book Review)Lo, Tit Wing 
62004青少年偏差行為的自我及社會心理因素Lo, Tit Wing 
72005澳門特別行政區青年問題與服務發展藍圖研究報告書Lo, Tit Wing 
82004Community Service Orders in Hong Kong, England, and Wales: Twins or cousinsLo, Tit Wing 
92002Community service: Its use in criminal justiceLo, Tit Wing 
102003Measures alternative to prosecution for handling unruly children and young persons: Overseas experiences and options for Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
112004Fighting youth crime: A comparative study of two little dragons in AsiaLo, Tit Wing 
122005Alternatives to prosecution: Rehabilitative and restorative models of youth justice
132000Curbing draconian powers: The effects on Hong Kong's graft‐fighterLo, Tit Wing 
141998Pioneer of moral education: Independent Comission Against Corruption (ICAC)Lo, Tit Wing 
151999Hong Kong: Minimizing crime and corruptionLo, Tit Wing 
162002Fighting youth crime: Success and failure of two little dragonsLo, Tit Wing 
171996Intervention in the decision-making of youth gangsLo, Tit Wing 
181993Neutralisation of group control in youth gangsLo, Tit Wing 
191993Corruption and politics in Hong Kong and ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
201996Social welfare development in China: Constraints and challenges
211993The politics of social censure: Corruption and bourgeois liberation in communist ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
221992Groupwork with youth gangs in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
232008Custodial sentences and correctional servicesLo, Tit Wing 
242008Understanding criminal justice in Hong Kong (1st ed.)
252014Crime and its control in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
262017Minimizing crime and corruption in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
272016The effect of negative experiences on delinquent behavior of youth in a social withdrawal situationChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
282013青少年偏差行為風險因素與黑社會的關係Lo, Tit Wing 
292010An effective precipice toward recoveryLo, Tit Wing 
302017Hot air balloonLo, Tit Wing 
312010The gambling chairLo, Tit Wing 
322008The gambling chairLo, Tit Wing 
332008Review of juvenile homes in SingaporeLo, Tit Wing 
342023Development and validation of the caregiver needs and resources assessmentLo, Tit Wing ; Chong, Alice Ming Lin ; Lam, Beck Chun Yiu 
352023Restrictive deterrence in Hong Kong drug dealing: Exploring a framework of certainty reduction – severity mitigationLo, Tit Wing 
362008Introduction and overviewLo, Tit Wing 
372023Use of theatresports to promote positive education among youth participantsChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
382023Young people’s perceptions of the challenges and opportunities during the Mainland China-Hong Kong convergenceLo, Tit Wing ; Chan, Gloria Hong Yee 
392023Effective sanction avoidance in drug trafficking: The construction and validation of the restrictive deterrence utility scale using a sample of female drug offendersLo, Tit Wing 
402019The post-Tiananmen decade: Prices paid for China’s economic growthLo, Tit Wing 
412019Control of grand corruption and triad crime in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
422019One Belt, One Road and the process of OBORizationLo, Tit Wing 
432019Organized crime and corruption across borders: Exploring the Belt and Road Initiative
442019The possible outcome of OBORizationLo, Tit Wing 
452020Political economy and crime in Tang VillageLo, Tit Wing 
462020Suitable targets of crimeLo, Tit Wing 
472020Motivated offendersLo, Tit Wing 
482021香港における高齢受刑者のリハビリテーションサービスLo, Tit Wing 
492007澳門兒童及青少年住宿照顧服務政策及策略研究Lo, Tit Wing 
502011黑社會對澳門青少年偏差行為之影響Lo, Tit Wing 
Results 101-150 of 167 (Search time: 0.033 seconds).