Zhao, Yingchao

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Zhao, Yingchao
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Barrier coverage by sensors with adjustable rangesZhao, Yingchao 
22017Maximizing common idle time on multicore processors with shared memoryZhao, Yingchao 
32012Memory access schedule minimization for embedded systemsZhao, Yingchao 
42013Minimizing accumulative memory load cost on multi-core DSPs with multi-level memoryZhao, Yingchao 
52020Minimizing the cost of batch calibrationsZhao, Yingchao 
62018Minimizing the total cost of barrier coverage in a linear domainZhao, Yingchao 
72018De novo haplotype reconstruction in viral quasispecies using paired-end read guided path findingZhao, Yingchao 
82018On minimizing sensing time via data sharing in collaborative Internet of ThingsZhao, Yingchao 
92016On scheduling with non-increasing time slot cost to minimize total weighted completion timeZhao, Yingchao 
102017Optimal rate schedules with data sharing in energy harvesting communication systemsZhao, Yingchao 
112015Optimal trees for minimizing average individual updating costZhao, Yingchao 
122013Power-aware variable partitioning for DSPs with hybrid PRAM and DRAM main memoryZhao, Yingchao 
132019Real-time data retrieval in cyber-physical systems with temporal validity and data availability constraintsZhao, Yingchao 
142018Real-time data retrieval with multiple availability intervals in CPS under freshness constraintsZhao, Yingchao 
152019Sentiment classification using negative and intensive sentiment supplement informationZhao, Yingchao ; Xie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee 
162013Task allocation on nonvolatile-memory-based hybrid main memoryZhao, Yingchao