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1972Vibration problems of beams by the special finite element methodLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1976The response of flexible structures to atmospheric turbulenceLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1976Dynamics of structural vibrations by frequency dependent matrices and modal analysis (Thesis)Leung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1977An accurate method in structural vibration analysisLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1977Voltage-switching effect in evaporated weak-link junctionsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
1978An accurate method of dynamic condensation in structural analysisLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1978Natural frequencies of thin-walled isotropic, circular-cylindrical shellsLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1979Accelerated convergence of dynamic flexibility in series formLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1979Dynamic substructure analysis of continuous systemsLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1979An accurate method of dynamic substructuring with simplified computationLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1979龔自珍的佛教思想Chan, Sin Wai 
1979Buddhism and the major concepts in An Exposition of Benevolence by T'an Ssu-t'ungChan, Sin Wai 
1979Undamped natural vibration of shear buildingsLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1980Dynamic analysis of periodic structuresLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1980T'an Ssu-t'ung: An annotated bibliographyChan, Sin Wai 
1980Accelerated converging methods in structural response analysisLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1980A new frame super-element in static and dynamic analysesLeung, Andrew Yee Tak 
1980A methodology for interpreting tree queries into optimal semi-join expressionsChiu, Dah Ming 
1980A true Laplacian detector for null test of the inverse square law of gravitationChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
1981Dynamic analysis of frames by a two-level finite element methodLeung, Andrew Yee Tak