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Title: An accurate method of dynamic substructuring with simplified computation
Author(s): Leung, Andrew Yee Tak 
Issue Date: 1979
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Journal: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 
Volume: 14
Issue: 8
Start page: 1241
End page: 1256
A new dynamic substructuring method is presented. The substructures are identified by their fixed-interface modes and the condensed stiffness and mass matrices at zero vibration frequency. Physical co-ordinates are used instead of the modal co-ordinates to make the condition of compatibility between elements applicable. The dimension of the fundamental matrices is equal to the number of interface co-ordinates for each substructure. All information needed to formulate the fundamental matrices may be obtained experimentally. Both discrete and continuous parameter models are considered.

A number of numerical examples are given and the method is compared with the other methods of dynamic substructure. It is shown that the numerical accuracy lost in the ordinary eigenvalue economization process may be recovered by the present method.
DOI: 10.1002/nme.1620140809
CIHE Affiliated Publication: No
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