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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Online-learning-based Bayesian decision rule for fast intra mode and CU partitioning algorithm in HEVC screen content codingSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Orientation and scale invariant binary descriptor based on Haar waveletSiu, Wan Chi 
2021Photo-realistic image super-resolution via variational autoencodersSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2015Practical application of random forests for super-resolution imagingSiu, Wan Chi 
2018Probability-based depth intra-mode skipping strategy and novel VSO metric for DMM decision in 3D-HEVCSiu, Wan Chi 
2016Quadtree decision for depth intra coding in 3D-HEVC by good featureSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Real time railway extraction by angle alignment measureSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Reduced-complexity intra block copy (IntraBC) mode with early CU splitting and pruning for HEVC screen content codingSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Reference based face super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2017Segment-based view synthesis optimization scheme in 3D-HEVCSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Semi-supervised deep vision-based localization using temporal correlation between consecutive framesSiu, Wan Chi 
2016Shared-use motion vector algorithm for moving objects detection for automobilesSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Single-image super-resolution using iterative Wiener filter based on nonlocal meansSiu, Wan Chi 
2015A smart moving vehicle detection system using motion vectors and generic line featuresSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Trends in digital signal processing: A festschrift in honour of A.G. Constantinides
2020Unsupervised real image super-resolution via Generative Variational AutoEncoderSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2017Vehicle detection under tough conditions using prioritized feature extraction with shadow recognitionSiu, Wan Chi 
2021Video lightening with dedicated CNN architectureSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2015View synthesis optimization based on texture smoothness for 3D-HEVCSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Visionā€based place recognition using ConvNet features and temporal correlation between consecutive framesSiu, Wan Chi