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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Constructing an evidence-informed social work supervision modelTsui, Ming Sum 
2020Constructing an evidence-informed social work supervision modelTsui, Ming Sum 
2014Culturally competent and diversity-sensitive clinical supervision: An international perspectiveTsui, Ming Sum 
Jul-2003Current supervisory practice in the Social work field in Hong KongTsui, Ming Sum 
Oct-2003Dealing with terrorism: What social workers should and can do?Tsui, Ming Sum 
2010Developing social work in developing countries: Experiences in the Asia Pacific Region (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2015Dialogue on “dilemmas in social work supervision and the way forward"Tsui, Ming Sum 
1995Divergence and convergence: In search of a common base of the notion of the welfare state in China and in the WestTsui, Ming Sum 
2004Dreaming social workTsui, Ming Sum 
1999Drug treatment systems in international perspective: Drugs, demons, and delinquents (Book Review)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2022Emerging ethical voices in social workTsui, Ming Sum ; Chu, Cheong Hay 
1997Empirical research on social work supervision: The state of the art (1970-1995)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2004Empowerment by hotline: Experiences during the SARS outbreakTsui, Ming Sum 
2017Examining the neoliberal discourse of accountability: The case of Hong Kong’s social service sectorTsui, Ming Sum ; Chu, Chi Keung 
1994An experience beyond research: Reflections from the involvement in a study on the effectiveness of social network intervention in enhancing family functioningTsui, Ming Sum 
2016External supervision for social workers in another socio-political context: A qualitative study in Shenzhen, ChinaMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
2015Features, nature and culture of social work supervisionTsui, Ming Sum 
2020ForewordTsui, Ming Sum 
2019From a small step to a milestone: A new journey for the journal (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2014From micro-situational making of agency to multi-level reflection on social relation and structure: The case of Qing Hong Program after ‘5.12’ earthquake of Sichuan, ChinaTsui, Ming Sum