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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The academic social networkChiu, Dah Ming 
2013An adaptive cloud downloading serviceChiu, Dah Ming 
2006Adaptive flow aggregation - A new solution for robust flow monitoring under security attacksChiu, Dah Ming 
2015Analysis and detection of fake views in online video servicesChiu, Dah Ming 
2009Analysis and scheduling of practical network coding in OFDMA relay networksChiu, Dah Ming 
2009Analysis of adaptive incentive protocols for P2P networksChiu, Dah Ming 
2008Analysis of load balancing algorithms in P2P streamingChiu, Dah Ming 
1989Analysis of the increase and decrease algorithms for congestion avoidance in computer networksChiu, Dah Ming 
2014Analytical QoE models for bit-rate switching in dynamic adaptive streaming systemsChiu, Dah Ming 
2015Analyzing streaming performance in crowdsourcing-based video service systemsChiu, Dah Ming 
2008Application identification based on network behavioral profilesChiu, Dah Ming 
2012Applications of social networks in peer-to-peer networksChiu, Dah Ming 
2014Balance your bids before your bits: The economics of geographic load-balancingChiu, Dah Ming 
2007Balancing throughput and fairness for TCP flows in multihop ad-hoc networksChiu, Dah Ming 
2011Bargaining and peering between network content/coverage providersChiu, Dah Ming 
2015Batching for Smart Home: Leveraging delay-insensitive workload in cloud storageChiu, Dah Ming 
1996Building collaboration software for the InternetChiu, Dah Ming 
2008Can bilateral ISP peering lead to network-wide cooperative settlementChiu, Dah Ming 
2006Can network coding help in P2P networks?Chiu, Dah Ming 
2006A case for TCP-friendly admission controlChiu, Dah Ming