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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The achievements and challenges of urban renewal in Hong KongWong, Yu Cheung 
2020Administrative buy-in for user participation in managing social servicesWong, Yu Cheung 
2009Baseline study report of the social impact tracking study on Hai Tan Street/Kweilin Street And Pei Ho Street Redevelopment ProjectWong, Yu Cheung 
2007Bridging digital gap for children in poverty in Hong Kong: Does ‘recycled computer for poor kid’ reduce the gap in educational outcome?Wong, Yu Cheung 
2007Bridging digital gap for children in poverty with e-learning: Does ‘recycled computer for poor kids’ enhance better life chance for children?Wong, Yu Cheung 
2003Building community strategic partnerships: The report of the study to evaluate the effectiveness of Social Welfare Department’s enhanced District Social Welfare Office functionsWong, Yu Cheung 
2012Career preferences of social work students in Beijing and ShanghaiWong, Yu Cheung 
2009Case study report: Regeneration of the South Bank, LondonWong, Yu Cheung 
2011The challenges for educational achievements of young Mainland Chinese migrants in Hong KongWong, Yu Cheung 
2009Challenges in comparative study: The case of a comparison study of urban renewal policies in six Asian citiesWong, Yu Cheung 
2013Challenges in digital inclusion and parenting: A study of the correlation between knowledge and usage of Internet and parenting issues of the new migrant parents in Hong KongWong, Yu Cheung 
1994Changing traditional values in Hong Kong: The past twenty yearsTsui, Ming Sum ; Wong, Yu Cheung 
2009Chapter 7: The case of ShanghaiWong, Yu Cheung 
2009Chapter 8: The case of GuangzhouWong, Yu Cheung 
2012Child deprivation indicatorsWong, Yu Cheung 
2014Child Deprivation Indicators (CDIs): A new way to measure child poverty in urban ChinaWong, Yu Cheung 
2013Child poverty and quality of life: A study of child deprivation in BeijingWong, Yu Cheung 
2006Community aspiration study – Kwun TongWong, Yu Cheung 
2005Community aspiration study – ShamshuipoWong, Yu Cheung 
2005Community aspiration study – Sheung WanWong, Yu Cheung