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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021The Macbeth factor: The dark side of achievement-driving analystsChan, Koon Hung 
22015Understanding learners' intension toward massive open online coursesLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
32019Alternative agency relationships for offshore audits and audit quality: Evidence from U.S.‐ listed foreign companiesChan, Koon Hung 
42016The ethical judgment and moral reaction to the product-harm crisis: Theoretical model and empirical researchLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
52019A study of purchase intention on smartphones of post 90s in Hong KongWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
62020基金類別內的確定性等值回報排名次序對風險規避程度的敏感度實證研究Ng, Amy Wai Ming 
72015The impact of online discussion platform on students’ academic performanceNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Luk, Louise Nga Ying 
82012The significance of finer disease aggregation during the patient risk-adjustment stage of estimating hospital output qualityLi, Kris Chun Lok 
92015The roles of value, satisfaction, and commitment in the effect of service quality on customer loyalty in Hong Kong-style tea restaurantsLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
102015Social media research: Theories, constructs, and conceptual frameworksMoon, Karen Ka Leung 
112015On the hospital volume and outcome relationship: Does specialization matter more than volume?Li, Kris Chun Lok 
122016Design and development of intelligent decision support prototype system for social media competitive analysis in fashion industryMoon, Karen Ka Leung 
132015The effects of transaction-specific satisfactions and integrated satisfaction on customer loyaltyLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
142015The effects of employment opportunity on organizational commitment and intention to quit in China's IT outsourcing industryWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
151992The institutional framework of accounting for Hong Kong (3rd ed.)Yuen, Susana Lai Mei 
162019淺探退休保障制度要應對的主要風險的管控策略選項Ng, Amy Wai Ming 
171998Management accounting systems and life-cycle configurationsYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
182020如何為個別投資者粗略評估在基金投資項目上其風險規避程度Ng, Amy Wai Ming 
192017Local reactions to mass tourism and community tourism development in MacauLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
202017A study of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) students and teachers' preferred support for technology based blended learningNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lai, Ivan Ka Wai 
212018A factorial study of persuading effects of mall aesthetics on shoppers’ purchase intentions in Chennai CityWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
222010The role of management control systems in managing growth: From the perspective of family firm configurationsYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
231993Life cycle strategies and the design of management accounting systemsYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
242017Game theoretic analysis of pricing and cooperative advertising in a reverse supply chain for unwanted medications in householdsLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
252016Gambling motivation among tourists in Macau's casino resortsLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
262015An empirical study: Hybrid learning performance of logistic engineeringLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
271985A feasibility study of distance education in Hong KongYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
282015Students' preferences and intention on using smartphone education applicationsLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
292018Contemporary driving factors of urban population growth in the Global South, the Global North, and ChinaLi, Kris Chun Lok 
302006The design of performance management systems: Evidence from the public sectorYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
312006The adequacy of information for managerial decision-making in China's business enterprises: An exploratory studyYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
322009Principles of accounting (2nd ed.)Yuen, Susana Lai Mei 
332014Hospital quality measure specification and their estimated relationship with hospital costLi, Kris Chun Lok 
342001Electronic commerce: Erosion of tax base and challenges to the international tax authoritiesYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
352018The application of permanent portfolio in financial management and retirement schemeWong, Tommy Man Hung 
361993Managing growth and development in information technology-based new ventures: A life cycle perspectiveYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
371987The potential development of distance education for professional qualifications in Hong KongYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
382001An exploratory study on benefits and success factors of information technology applicationsYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
391997Management accounting systems and organisational configuration: A life-cycle perspectiveYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
402019The application of the further enhanced permanent portfolio in the long term investment and retirement schemeWong, Tommy Man Hung 
412013The impact of product market competition on earnings qualityMan, Paul Ho Yin ; Yi, Cheong Heon 
422015Factors influencing the behavioural intention towards full electric vehicles: An empirical study in MacauLai, Ivan Ka Wai 
432014The channel that offers the lowest online room rates: A case study of hotels in Hong KongLeung, Rosanna 
442014Towards an understanding of experiential learning in China's hospitality educationYang, June Huijun 
452018The Influence of culture on the use of information technology in learning in Hong Kong’s higher educationNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
461994Organisational life cycles and characteristics of management accounting systemsYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
472013Facility management benchmarking: An application of data envelopment analysis in Hong KongWong, Philip Yat Lung 
482018A study of the relationships of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to purchase intention on freeze-dried fruitsWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen 
492015A portfolio for all seasons – Does it make sense?Wong, Tommy Man Hung 
502018Can we make the permanent portfolio even better by rebalancing more frequently or by changing the rebalancing day?Wong, Tommy Man Hung 
Results 1-50 of 191 (Search time: 0.041 seconds).