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12023Development and validation of the caregiver needs and resources assessmentLo, Tit Wing ; Chong, Alice Ming Lin ; Lam, Beck Chun Yiu 
22020Benefits of volunteering on psychological well-being in older adulthood: evidence from a randomized controlled trialChong, Alice Ming Lin 
32022Meaning making as a lifebuoy in dementia caregiving: Predicting depression from a generation perspective using a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysisChong, Alice Ming Lin 
42019Study protocol of a multi-center RCT testing a social-cognitive intervention to promote volunteering in older adults against an active controlChong, Alice Ming Lin 
52020Promoting volunteering among older adults in Hong Kong: A randomized controlled trialChong, Alice Ming Lin 
62021Social trust, trust differential, and radius of trust on volunteering: Evidence from the Hong Kong ChineseChong, Alice Ming Lin 
72019Leadership and sustainable development in the futureChong, Alice Ming Lin 
82019Social work and sustainable development: An overviewChong, Alice Ming Lin 
91997社會服務機構 : 質素標準的制訂和監察機制之建立Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
102012Project X: The project for learning excellence: A first-year, non-credit bearing, department-based, co-curricular course for students in social sciencesChong, Alice Ming Lin 
112012The applicability of peer learning and peer assessment in Hong Kong: A cultural perspectiveChong, Alice Ming Lin 
122011Promoting the psychosocial health of the elderly — The role of social workersChong, Alice Ming Lin 
13Sep-2012Facility management for the elderly in public and subsidized housing – A focus group investigationChong, Alice Ming Lin 
142001Consumer satisfaction of Chinese residents of aged homes: Domains and determinants (Thesis)Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
151997Reminiscence groups for institutionalized elderly people in Hong Kong: A practice modelChong, Alice Ming Lin 
162000Public and doctors’ attitudes toward euthanasia in Hong KongChong, Alice Ming Lin 
172000Public attitudes towards euthanasiaChong, Alice Ming Lin 
1822-Feb-2023From academic research to policy research: The case of caregiving studiesChong, Alice Ming Lin 
1913-Jan-2023Promoting healthy aging and the importance of gerontologyChong, Alice Ming Lin 
2017-May-2023Challenges and insights in conducting policy research in Hong KongChong, Alice Ming Lin 
2124-Feb-2023香港的護老者支援 :昨天、今天、明天Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
227-Aug-2022Carer support: What are proposed by the consultancy studyChong, Alice Ming Lin 
2328-Oct-2022照顧者支援 : 下一步如何走Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
2426-Aug-2022社會轉變與福利服務的機遇Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
252015Operational manual on Life Mentor SchemeChong, Alice Ming Lin 
262016跨院校生命導師計劃實務指引Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
272017「生命故事計劃」線上評估Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
282004輔導技巧教材套Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
292005同心同行 : 長者輔導智慧集
301996Residential care for the elderly in urban areas: A future challenge for ChinaChong, Alice Ming Lin 
311-Dec-2018Can care by foreign domestic helpers be an alternative long-term care option: Strengths and challenges?Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
321991老人獨居巧安排 : 活動計劃程序輯錄
3329-Apr-2014Life Mentor Scheme for Generation Me: An experiential learning activity for student excellence in an ageing societyChong, Alice Ming Lin 
3411-Oct-2011Strategies to develop effective services for seniors: An application of the Gap ModelChong, Alice Ming Lin 
3517-Dec-2015The role of domestic helpers in long term care for the elderlyChong, Alice Ming Lin 
3626-May-2010End of life care in residential care homes in Hong Kong – Research findings and implications of practiceChong, Alice Ming Lin 
3712-Oct-2011Developing senior-centric policies and practice guidelines using the Gap ModelChong, Alice Ming Lin 
388-Sep-2010香港養老機構發展中的經驗分享Chong, Alice Ming Lin 
3923-Nov-2006Exploratory study on insomnia in middle-age and older peopleChong, Alice Ming Lin 
4030-May-2007Quality monitoring of aged care homesChong, Alice Ming Lin 
4123-Nov-2006How to use the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality IndexChong, Alice Ming Lin 
427-Oct-2006Caregiving experienceChong, Alice Ming Lin 
4323-Oct-2013Facilitating transition: Sharing and discussing on teaching excellenceChong, Alice Ming Lin 
4414-Jun-2001Living in dignity – Policies and services for the elderly in Hong KongChong, Alice Ming Lin 
457-Aug-2002Meeting the elders’ needs in developmental groupsChong, Alice Ming Lin 
46Sep-2014Attitudes of female students toward supporting elderly parents in major cities in AsiaChong, Alice Ming Lin 
47Sep-2014Attitudes of female students in supporting elderly parents – A comparison of Hong Kong and JapanChong, Alice Ming Lin 
48Dec-2009End of life care in nursing homes – The Hong Kong StudyChong, Alice Ming Lin 
49Jun-2014Population ageing: Changing threats to resourcesChong, Alice Ming Lin 
50Dec-2008Bridging social capital: Theories and practiceChong, Alice Ming Lin 
Results 1-50 of 117 (Search time: 0.029 seconds).