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School of Computing and Information SciencesChan, Anthony Hing-Hung
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2018Distributed mobility anchoring (draft-ietf-dmm-distributed-mobility-anchoring-10)
231-Oct-2011Problem statement for distributed and dynamic mobility management (draft-chan-distributed-mobility-ps-05)
3Aug-2014Requirements for distributed mobility management
429-Jan-2019Distributed mobility anchoring (draft-ietf-dmm-distributed-mobility-anchoring-12)
51985Superconducting techniques for gravity survey and inertial navigationChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
61987Superconducting gravity gradiometer for sensitive gravity measurements, II. ExperimentChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
71986Superconducting gravity gradiometer for space and terrestrial applicationsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
81987Superconducting gravity gradiometer for sensitive gravity measurements, I. TheoryChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
91984Three-axis superconducting gravity gradiometer for spaceborne gravity surveyChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
102005Mobility management, quality of service, and security in the design of next generation wireless networkChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
112006An applicable GSM network model for networking in rural environmentsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
122006Networking in rural environments: Benefits, feasibilities, and requirementsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
132006Mapping wireless access network traffic to multiservice provisioning platformChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
142006Analysis of energy efficient clustering schemes for ad hoc sensor networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
152009Syntax and semantics-based signature database for hybrid intrusion detection systemsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
162010Heuristic RAT selection policy to minimize call blocking probability in next generation wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
172010Enhancing PMIPv6 for better handover performance among heterogeneous wireless networks in a micromobility domainChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
182008Joint call admission control algorithms: Requirements, approaches, and design considerationsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
192010Evaluation of interference in inter-working multi-hop wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
202011Framework for link reliability in interworking multi-hop wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
212012Bandwidth aggregation in heterogeneous wireless networks: A survey of current approaches and issuesChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
222012Multiple-RAT selection for reducing call blocking/dropping probability in cooperative heterogeneous wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
232011An automated signature generation approach for polymorphic worms using principal component analysisChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
242011Inter-subnet localized mobility support of host identity protocolChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
252014Data envelopment analysis with slacks model for energy efficient multicast over coded packet wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
262013Architecture and performance evaluation of a hybrid intrusion detection system for IP telephonyChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
272015Distributed mobility management with distributed routing management at access routers for network-based mobility supportChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
282015Mobility management with distributed mobility routing functionsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
292013Distributed IP mobility management from the perspectives of the IETF: Motivations, requirements, approaches, comparison, and challengesChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
302017Optimal virtual network function placement in multi-cloud service function chaining architectureChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
312019Betweenness centrality based software defined routing: Observation from practical Internet datasetsChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
322019Adaptive transmission control for software defined vehicular networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
332021A token label for maturity prediction using current-future changing rateChan, Anthony Hing-Hung ; Lee, Alisdair Chun On ; Shum, Paul Kwok Ching 
342016Distributed mobility management towards software defined networkingChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
352013Using multiple links simultaneously to increase capacity for multi-homed terminals in heterogeneous wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
362011Traffic engineering framework for inter-working multi-hop wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
372006VCAT differential delay minimization for delay sensitive multiservice networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
3813-Jul-2012A unified mobility management protocol framework and DMM gap analysis (draft-chan-dmm-framework-gap-analysis-02)Chan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
391980A true Laplacian detector for null test of the inverse square law of gravitationChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
402006A variable timer-based assembly algorithm for optical burst switched networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
412005Variable-bit-rates assembly algorithm in optical burst switching networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
422006A trust scheme of intelligence networks - for service deliveryChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
4311-Nov-2010System and method for redirecting messages to an active interface of a multiple-interface deviceChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
4419-Jul-2012System and method for single radio handoversChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
452008Stochastic model of a user-centric joint call admission control scheme for heterogeneous wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
462003Streaming multimedia content over home network with an intelligent controllerChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
472005A survey on cluster schemes in ad hoc wireless networksChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
4810-Feb-2011System and method for communication handoffChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
491984A superconducting penetration depth thermometerChan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
Results 1-50 of 384 (Search time: 0.038 seconds).