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12012Legible and meaningful underground space: Investigating non-signage elements in spatial memory and navigation inside Hong Kong underground stationsAl Hasan, Sami 
22021Sexual self-concept and psychological functioning of female survivors of child sexual abuse in Hong KongNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
32019粵普英順逆序辭典Chan, Sin Wai 
42015「逃難」與「通識」──新亞書院創辦人初來港時的心態與反應Ying, Koon Kau 
52020Towards a new assessment paradigm: Are preschools convinced?Lam, Hazel Mei Yung 
62013Writing herstory: Nu Shu as cartography of empowermentChan, Amy Kit Sze 
72014Traditional Chinese medicine and the new humanitiesChan, Amy Kit Sze 
82009Becoming-animal, becoming-cybergoddess: Bridging cyberfeminism and ecofeminismChan, Amy Kit Sze 
92002Cyberfeminism, the body and the virtual: Towards an intercultural perspective (Thesis)Chan, Amy Kit Sze 
102016Hong Kong English or English with a Hong Kong accent?Chan, Amy Kit Sze 
112008Visualizing the universe: Mandala and the Buddhist cosmologyChan, Amy Kit Sze 
122016Chinese language teachers’ composition marking strategies: A pilot study in Hong KongChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
132015Derivation of anaphoric object drop in Cantonese and their counterparts in EnglishLee, Patrick Chi Wai 
142020Enhancement of Hong Kong nursing students' knowledge and attitudes regarding sexuality in older adultsNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
152015Knowledge transfer in a self-financed associate degree music programme: Limited resources, good practices, and the beyondLee, Martin Chi Kuen 
162012An encounter with Buddhist art: Deleuzean becoming and deterritorializationChan, Amy Kit Sze 
172017From Deleuzian becoming to feminist ‘becoming-with: The Daoist Yin principle in Ursula Le Guin’s science fiction'Chan, Amy Kit Sze 
182021中英對照中國經典名句引言大全Chan, Sin Wai 
192008Ecofeminism and Chinese goddessesChan, Amy Kit Sze 
202011The Dao of mountains: Daoism and Buddhism in classical Chinese cultureChan, Amy Kit Sze 
212017組織賦權歷程及其對社會工作師的影響Ng, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
222015Sexual function and sexual frequency among Chinese women in Hong Kong: Implication for public health servicesNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
232018Symposium on science fiction and the climate crisisChan, Amy Kit Sze 
242018No! No! No!: The Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary children’s choral songbookKwok, Alan Chun Kei 
252019杜定友《校讎新義》與傳統目錄學之知識分化Fan, Amy Xuyan 
262015Chinese goddesses as symbols of posthumanismChan, Amy Kit Sze 
272019An exploration of second language proficiencies and ethnic group affiliation: A case study of Hong KongLee, Patrick Chi Wai 
282019傳統顛覆與顛覆傳統——周星馳李力持喜劇的反差修辭Li, Siu Kit 
292015女性性功能簡短量表的編制與效度研究Ng, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
302015Analysis of student behaviors in using WeChat / WhatsApp for language learning at diploma level in Hong Kong: A pilot testChu, David Wai Kee ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lai, Ivan Ka Wai ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
312015Group activity and an evaluation study of promoting holistic well-being by Integrative body-mind-spirit intervention programNg, Anna Hoi Nga 
322015Structural empowerment among social workers in Hong KongNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
332019Wild is the Wind: The affective turn of wind in Chinese cultureChan, Amy Kit Sze 
342003When cyberfeminism meets Chinese philosophy: Computer, weaving, and womenChan, Amy Kit Sze 
352016An integrative body-mind-spirit intervention program for enhancing holistic well-being of young people in emerging adulthoodNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
362017Sexual problem of Hong Kong Chinese PeopleNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
372015How to know “Dao” through words? Zhuangzi’s philosophy of languageYing, Koon Kau 
382015Contextualizition and Bible translation (Chinese Union Version)Lee, Patrick Chi Wai 
3931-May-2015梅湘《聖三奧蹟的沉思》Lee, Martin Chi Kuen 
402021李漁戲曲創作理論和寫作實踐的矛盾性芻議Yuen, Cho Lam 
412007Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara as a symbol for the posthuman / post-feminist futureChan, Amy Kit Sze 
422017Reliability and validity of assessment on sexual self-concept of late adolescentsNg, Anna Hoi Nga ; Boey, Kam Weng 
432014An encounter with Buddhist art: Deleuzean becoming and deterritorializationChan, Amy Kit Sze 
442018太極函三元:劉沅天道觀中的儒道融合Fan, Amy Xuyan 
452015An analysis on Ouyang Jian’s “On the Linguistic Exhaustibility of Meaning” (Yan Jin Yi Lun)Chow, John Chiu Tuen 
462018The human factor in machine translation
472016An outline of Macau Pidgin PortugueseLi, Michelle Kin Ling 
482016Sexual problems in the Hong Kong Chinese communityNg, Anna Hoi Nga 
492017Non-credit-bearing programme design in General Education - Curriculum design and experience sharing on CIHE launching of integrated seminar and community involvementChow, John Chiu Tuen ; Ng, Anna Hoi Nga ; Lee, Martin Chi Kuen ; Liu, Stephanie Lu ; Liu, Hannah Ying ; Lam, Kevin Ho Kei ; Chan, Bobby Ho Cheung ; Chow, Billy Yiu Hang 
501997〈毛髮〉中的「兩」性關係Chan, Amy Kit Sze 
Results 1-50 of 402 (Search time: 0.041 seconds).