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Title: Reflections of parents and parent work practitioners on the changing experiences and circumstances of parenting in Hong Kong
Author(s): Lam, Ching Man 
Author(s): To, S. M.
So, Y. Y.
Issue Date: 2019
Conference: 2019 8th International Conference on Social Science and Humanity (ICSSH 2019) 
Whereas previous research has highlighted the importance of understanding how parenting has become a risky venture from the perspective of risk society, few attempts have been made to explore how parents and practitioners make sense of the changing experiences and circumstances of parenting. By reporting the findings of a focus group study on 43 Hong Kong parents’ and 33 parent work practitioners’ reflections on the changing parental experiences over the past decades, as well as the changing circumstances in which parents raise children, this article discusses how both parents and practitioners found considerable intergenerational changes in parenting and described parenting in today’s Hong Kong society as a risky venture fraught with boundless duties and challenges. While these findings indicate the contextualized struggles of parents in making sense of parenthood in the current parenting culture, how to help parents cope with their parental anxiety, cultivate their reflexive selves, and make constructive responses in parenting should be considered as the core of parenting interventions.
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