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Title: Data transmission method and device
Other Titles: 一種數據傳輸方法及設備
Author(s): Chan, Anthony Hing Hung 
Author(s): He, N.
Xiong, C.
Zhu, L.
Issue Date: 5-Feb-2015
A data transmission method and a data transmission device. The method comprises: a mobile node service gateway (MN S-GW) receiving any data packet from an MN, and determining, according to a correspondent node network protocol address (CN IP) carried in the data packet, no S-GW bearer matching the data packet exists in context of an evolved packet system (EPS) bearer of the MN, and when it is determined that a correspondent node (CN) and the MN belong to the same network operator, establishing an S-GW bearer matching the data packet, and transmitting the data packet by using the established S-GW bearer. By means of this solution, a problem, in the prior art, of redundant routing resulted from that terminal data all need to be transmitted to a correspondent node through a packet data network service gateway may be solved, thereby achieving the effects of reducing transmission delay of data and improving transmission efficiency of the data.

一種數據傳輸方法及設備,所述方法包括:移動節點服務網關MN S-GW接收來自 MN的任一數據包,並在根據所述數據包中攜帶的通信對端節點的網絡協議地址CN IP,確定所述 MN的演進分組系統EPS承載上下文中不存在與所述數據包相匹配的S-GW承載,且確定通信對端節點CN與所述MN從屬於同一網絡運營商時,建立與所述數據包相匹配的S-GW承載,並通過所述建立的S-GW承載進行所述數據包的傳輸。通過本方案,可解決現有技術中存在的所有終端數據均需經過分組數據網服務網關傳輸到對端時所造成的路由冗余問題,達到了降低數據的傳輸時延、提高數據的傳輸效率的效果。
International Application No. (Patent): PCT/CN2013/080411
International Publication No. (Patent): WO 2015/013883 A1
CIHE Affiliated Publication: No
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