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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Hash based fast local search for Intra Block Copy (IntraBC) mode in HEVC screen content codingSiu, Wan Chi 
2019Hierarchical back projection network for image super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2022Highly reliable vehicle detection through CNN with attention mechanismSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2022IEEE Hong Kong Section 50th anniversary 1972-2022: Advancing technology for humanity - The tech-biz intelligence
2019Image super-resolution via attention based back projection networksSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2015Image super-resolution via hybrid NEDI and wavelet-based schemeSiu, Wan Chi 
2017Image super-resolution via weighted random forestSiu, Wan Chi 
2023Intelligent painter: New masking strategy and self-referencing with resamplingChan, Anthony Hing-Hung ; Siu, Wan Chi ; Hui, Chun Chuen 
2023Intelligent painter: Picture composition with resampling diffusion modelKu, Wing Fung ; Siu, Wan Chi ; Cheng, Xi ; Chan, Anthony Hing-Hung 
2018Introduction to face recognition and recent workSiu, Wan Chi 
2018Introduction to random tree and random forests for fast signal processing and object classificationSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2018Joint Back Projection and Residual Networks for efficient image super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2023Large-scale blind face super-resolution via Edge-guided Frequency-aware Generative Facial Prior NetworksSiu, Wan Chi ; Cheng, Xi 
2021Learn to Sketch: A fast approach for universal photo sketchSiu, Wan Chi ; Chan, Anthony Hing-Hung ; Liu, Zhisong 
2018Learning approach with random forests on vehicle detectionSiu, Wan Chi 
2018Learning approaches for super-resolution imagingSiu, Wan Chi ; Liu, Zhisong 
2018Learning approaches in signal processing
2017Learning hierarchical decision trees for single-image super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi 
2017Learning via decision trees approach for video super-resolutionSiu, Wan Chi 
2015Learning-based image interpolation via robust k-NN searching for coherent AR parameters estimationSiu, Wan Chi