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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018On minimizing sensing time via data sharing in collaborative Internet of ThingsZhao, Yingchao 
2016On scheduling with non-increasing time slot cost to minimize total weighted completion timeZhao, Yingchao 
2017Optimal rate schedules with data sharing in energy harvesting communication systemsZhao, Yingchao 
2014Optimal trees for minimizing average individual updating costZhao, Yingchao 
2015Optimal trees for minimizing average individual updating costZhao, Yingchao 
2013Power-aware variable partitioning for DSPs with hybrid PRAM and DRAM main memoryZhao, Yingchao 
2019Real-time data retrieval in cyber-physical systems with temporal validity and data availability constraintsZhao, Yingchao 
2018Real-time data retrieval with multiple availability intervals in CPS under freshness constraintsZhao, Yingchao 
2017Scheduling tasks to minimize active time on a processor with unlimited capacityZhao, Yingchao 
2019Sentiment classification using negative and intensive sentiment supplement informationZhao, Yingchao ; Xie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee 
2024The stack loading problem with load-bearing limitZhao, Yingchao 
2022Strategyproof facility location with limited locationsZhao, Yingchao 
2019Supervised group embedding for rumor detection in social mediaZhao, Yingchao 
2013Task allocation on nonvolatile-memory-based hybrid main memoryZhao, Yingchao 
2019Truthful mechanisms for location games of dual-role facilitiesZhao, Yingchao 
2018Work-in-progress: Joint network and computing resource scheduling for wireless networked control systemsZhao, Yingchao