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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Alternatives to prosecution: Rehabilitative and restorative models of youth justice
2017Anti-corruptionLo, Tit Wing 
2013Anti-triad legislations in Hong Kong: Issues, problems and developmentLo, Tit Wing 
2019The association between substance abuse and sexual misconduct among Macau youthsChan, Gloria Hong Yee ; Lo, Tit Wing 
2009Beyond social capital: A case of triad financial crime in Hong Kong and ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
2010Beyond social capital: Triad organized crime in Hong Kong and ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
2021Caregiver needs and resources assessment: Development and validationLo, Tit Wing 
2009The causes of reoffending of Hong Kong prisoners: Some preliminary findingsLo, Tit Wing 
2013Chinese triad societyLo, Tit Wing 
2020Community disorganization in Tang VillageLo, Tit Wing 
2004Community Service Orders in Hong Kong, England, and Wales: Twins or cousinsLo, Tit Wing 
2002Community service: Its use in criminal justiceLo, Tit Wing 
2006Community support and diversionary measures for juvenile offenders in Hong Kong: Old legacy, new ageLo, Tit Wing 
2010Comprehensive review of the rehabilitation centre programme for Correctional Services DepartmentLo, Tit Wing 
2020ConclusionsLo, Tit Wing 
2020Conditions for facilitation by voluntary organizations to enhance social cohesion in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
2019Control of grand corruption and triad crime in ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
1993Corruption and politics in Hong Kong and ChinaLo, Tit Wing 
2014Crime and its control in Hong KongLo, Tit Wing 
2007Crime prevention and correctional services: The position of Hong KongLo, Tit Wing