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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Barrier coverage by sensors with adjustable rangesZhao, Yingchao 
2014Barrier coverage using sensors with offsetsZhao, Yingchao 
2023Budget-feasible mechanisms for proportionally selecting agents from groupsZhao, Yingchao 
2022Demand learning and cooperative deployment of UAV networksZhao, Yingchao 
2018Extractive adversarial networks for network embeddingZhao, Yingchao ; Xie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee 
2019Facility location games with externalitiesZhao, Yingchao 
2022Facility location games with ordinal preferencesZhao, Yingchao 
2022Facility location games with ordinal preferencesZhao, Yingchao 
2019Incorporating latent space correlation coefficients to collaborative filteringZhao, Yingchao ; Xie, Haoran 
2015Joint media streaming optimization of energy and rebuffering time in cellular networksZhao, Yingchao 
2015Maximizing common idle time on multi-core processors with shared memoryZhao, Yingchao 
2017Maximizing common idle time on multicore processors with shared memoryZhao, Yingchao 
2022Mechanisms for dual-role-facility location games: Truthfulness and approximabilityZhao, Yingchao 
2012Memory access schedule minimization for embedded systemsZhao, Yingchao 
2013Minimizing accumulative memory load cost on multi-core DSPs with multi-level memoryZhao, Yingchao 
2020Minimizing the cost of batch calibrationsZhao, Yingchao 
2018Minimizing the total cost of barrier coverage in a linear domainZhao, Yingchao 
2018De novo haplotype reconstruction in viral quasispecies using paired-end read guided path findingZhao, Yingchao 
2018On minimizing sensing time via data sharing in collaborative Internet of ThingsZhao, Yingchao 
2016On scheduling with non-increasing time slot cost to minimize total weighted completion timeZhao, Yingchao