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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019粵普英順逆序辭典Chan, Sin Wai 
22021中英對照中國經典名句引言大全Chan, Sin Wai 
32018The human factor in machine translation
42018An encyclopedia of practical translation and interpreting
82000Compiling a Chinese-English Dictionary for TranslatorsChan, Sin Wai 
92002Culture and humanity in the new millennium: The future of human values
102011漢英翻譯詞典: 身體用語匯編Chan, Sin Wai 
112004The making of A Dictionary of Translation Technology: Some considerations and reflectionsChan, Sin Wai 
152002Machine translation and machine-aided translation in the new centuryChan, Sin Wai 
162019Revisiting the future of translation technologyChan, Sin Wai 
182009A chronology of translation in China and the West: From the legendary period to 2004Chan, Sin Wai 
192016漢英順逆序大辭典Chan, Sin Wai 
232020The Routledge encyclopedia of the Chinese language
252009Teaching facilities for CUHK MACAT studentsChan, Sin Wai 
262007Computer-aided translation of public signsChan, Sin Wai 
271981書評:《唐才常集》Chan, Sin Wai 
292017The future of translation technology: Towards a world without BabelChan, Sin Wai 
301998Lin RunChan, Sin Wai 
312008A framework of computer-aided translation studiesChan, Sin Wai 
322014Two voices in one: Essays in Asian and translation studies
332002Translation and information technology
342011Translating body terms: Reflections on the making of a Chinese-English dictionary of the human bodyChan, Sin Wai 
351998An illustrated history of printing in ancient China
362012A world without Babel: The future of translation technologyChan, Sin Wai 
372002英華薈萃: 香港中文大學翻譯系三十週年紀念文集
382000The making of TransRecipe: A translational approach to the machine translation of Chinese cookbooksChan, Sin Wai 
392004Translating for the future: Reflections on making A Dictionary of Translation TechnologyChan, Sin Wai 
401984An Exposition of Benevolence: The Jen-hsüeh of T'an Ssu-t'ung
412007Taking a technological turn: The making of A Dictionary of Translation TechnologyChan, Sin Wai 
422009Translating for the future: Some reflections on making A Dictionary of Translation TechnologyChan, Sin Wai 
431992T'an Ssu-t'ungChan, Sin Wai 
442008A topical bibliography of computer (-aided) translationChan, Sin Wai 
451999Machine translation in Hong KongChan, Sin Wai 
461988唐才常與譚嗣同的交誼與事功Chan, Sin Wai 
471983佛學與晚清政治思想Chan, Sin Wai 
481990唐才常年譜長編(上、下冊)Chan, Sin Wai 
491994Form and spirit in poetry translationChan, Sin Wai 
501991翻譯理論探索Chan, Sin Wai 
Results 1-50 of 130 (Search time: 0.025 seconds).