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Title: Stress associated with hospitalization among male patients admitted to a rural hospital in Malaysia
Author(s): Boey, Kam Weng 
Author(s): Boey, J. P.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation
Journal: International Medical Journal 
Volume: 23
Issue: 6
Start page: 620
End page: 623
Objectives: This study examined stress associated with hospitalization in patients admitted to a rural hospital in Malaysia.

Materials and Method: Consecutive patients over a one-month period admitted into the male medical ward (N = 93) were interviewed with a standardized Hospital Stress Questionnaire.

Results: The top four major stressors were related to worries of illness severity. Other significant stressors involved worries about family and financial difficulties. Many patients found it stressful to have to stay in hospital during religious holidays.

Patients with a larger household size, higher education, younger in age, or with a history of repeat hospital admissions reported higher stress levels. Patients in this study reported lower hospital stress compared with urban patients.

Conclusion: Experiences of rural patients with hospitalisation stress should not be extrapolated from studies done on their urban counterparts. Identifying and addressing their specific needs, and the support of an efficient social welfare service may help reduce stress in these patients.
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