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Title: Technology-aided learning at the intersection of presence-at-hand and readiness-to-hand and the fusion of horizons among students, technology and teachers
Author(s): Lau, Jeff Hok Yin 
Issue Date: 2023
Conference: International Conference on Engaged Learning & Innovative Teaching in Higher Education (ELITE 2023) 
This paper would like to analyze the phenomena of technology-aided learning among students and teachers by leveraging Heidegger’s and Gadamer’s hermeneutics. Heideggerian readiness-to-hand and presence-at-hand, which explains existential modes of using equipment, and Gadamerian fusion of horizons indicating the expansion of understanding, have been widely discussed, but seldom linked in one philosophical discussion. This paper presents two main views upon discussing the Heideggerian and Gadamerian basic ideas of their philosophies. Firstly, repetitive practice of the use of technological Things as present-athand to increase familiarity as being increasingly ready-to-hand facilitates the fusion of horizons between users as Dasein and technology with a horizon of its own usefulness. Secondly, technological tools are used as ready-to-hand with familiarity in support of theoretical and critical judgement and observation of technological Things and thematic learning materials as present-at-hand “for-the-sake-of” teaching and learning. The fusion of horizons between students as Dasein, and, learning materials and ultimately teachers, will thus be enabled by the cooperation between the two modes. The fusion of horizons between users and technology is found greatly contributing to the fusion of horizons between instructors and students.
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