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Title: Symposium on science fiction and the climate crisis
Author(s): Chan, Amy Kit Sze 
Author(s): Canavan, G.
Ingerwersen, M.
Jue, M.
Li, H.
Murphy, P. D.
Robinson, K. S.
Shaviro, S.
Singh, V.
Szeman, I.
Wong, K. Y.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: SF-TH, Inc.
Journal: Science Fiction Studies 
Volume: 45
Issue: 3
Start page: 420
End page: 432
"It just hasn't finished melting yet" -- Gerry Canavan. "Rain... flooding... waterworld / intense heat... drought... desert" -- Chan Kit-Sze Amy. "Pluralizing climate fiction: from hybrids to earth-beings" -- Moritz Ingwersen. "Performative science fiction" -- Melody Jue. "Terraforming and climate change in Chinese science fiction" -- Hua Li. "SF and anthropogenic climate change" -- Patrick D. Murphy. "Story spaces of climate change" -- Kim Stanley Robinson. "Anticipating climate" -- Steven Shaviro. "What is to be done about climate change? Some thoughts as a writer" -- Vandana Singh. "More of the same" -- Imre Szeman. "The 'becoming-deleuzian of science fiction'" -- Wong Kin Yuen.
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