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Title: Contextual analysis of Chinese language teachers' judgement on student writing: An exploratory study in Hong Kong
Author(s): Ho, Man Koon 
Leung, Kat Sze Ming 
Issue Date: 2014
Project: Contextual Analysis of Chinese Language Teachers' Judgment On Student Writing and Exploratory Study in Hong Kong 
Helping language teachers to improve their quality and standard of marking has been a perennial problem confronting trainers of student teachers for many years. Besides attending to heavy work duties, language teachers are faced with the burden of rating and marking student assignments and papers which is an added pressure to an already stringent schedule. This also affects the quality of marking and students become the ultimate losers in the long run.

The writer proposes to explore the composition marking behavior and uniqueness of Chinese language teachers in two secondary schools in Hong Kong. The research team will be stationed in the school during the research period to examine the school culture and group communities (e.g. school policy on marking; views of the Principal and the Panel Heads on teachers' attitude towards marking compositions; students and their parents' opinions on who is responsible for marking) and their influence on teachers' marking behavior through onsite observations of these teacher subjects from classrooms, staff rooms, conference rooms through to informal occasions with respect to their marking behavior, interaction and mutual influence processes; and through multiple, in-depth interviews to understand how they formulate and mode their individual marking principles and strategies under the effects and challenges of community group expectations and extant school culture. Think-aloud protocols, though time-consuming by nature, will be used to elicit teachers' verbalized judgment on student writings instead of relying solely on the textual analysis of composition written by students which can be seen as the most remarkable feature which distinguishes the current project from earlier works of similar nature using the product-oriented approach.

This project will be the first ethnographic study of the marking behavior of Chinese Language teachers in the Hong Kong classroom context from the perspective of contextual analysis. Results of the project will help better understand the judgment of frontline Chinese language teachers in determining what to use or not to use in their marking strategies, how they arrive at the final score and factors influencing their marking behavior and scoring decision. Possible suggestions will be provided on how the marking quality of Chinese language teachers could be further improved and upgraded.
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