Low, Lisa Pau Le

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Low, Lisa Pau Le
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Chinese women’s experiences in coping with urinary incontinenceLow, Lisa Pau Le 
22010Contributions of technology for elders and families in discharge planning: Reviewing modes of information deliveryLow, Lisa Pau Le 
32007Coping with stress incontinence: Women’s experiences of everyday inconveniencesLow, Lisa Pau Le 
42017Decision-making experiences of family members of older adults with moderate dementia towards community and residential care home services: A grounded theory study protocolLow, Lisa Pau Le ; Fan, Kim Pong 
51997The determinants of a quality home life for older people in Hong KongLow, Lisa Pau Le 
62018Eating difficulties in newly-onset stroke patients: A qualitative inquiry of nurses’ perceptions of the situationLow, Lisa Pau Le ; Wong, Kayla Ka Yin 
72018The effects of an activity-based lifestyle intervention on moderate sleep complaints among older adults: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialLow, Lisa Pau Le 
82007An exploratory study of Chinese older people’s perceptions of privacy in residential care homesLow, Lisa Pau Le 
92011ICU nurses' perceptions of potential constraints and anticipated support to practice defibrillation: A qualitative studyLow, Lisa Pau Le 
102017Mealtime experience of residential care home residents and staff in Hong KongLow, Lisa Pau Le 
112010Nurses’ experiences of caring for non-catheterized older infirmed patients: A descriptive study of what nurses actually do?Low, Lisa Pau Le 
122010Nurses’ role in the early defibrillation of cardiac patients: Implications for nursing in Hong KongLow, Lisa Pau Le 
132007Older men’s experiences of sleep in the hospitalLow, Lisa Pau Le 
142008Older patients' experiences of sleep in the hospital: Disruptions and remediesLow, Lisa Pau Le 
152019Older residents’ perceptions of family involvement in residential careLow, Lisa Pau Le ; Wong, Kayla Ka Yin 
162014Predicting influenza vaccination intent among at risk Chinese older adultsLow, Lisa Pau Le 
172005Promoting awareness of sexuality of older people in residential careLow, Lisa Pau Le 
182017A qualitative study protocol of ageing carers’ caregiving experiences and their planning for continuation of care for their immediate family members with intellectual disabilityLow, Lisa Pau Le ; Wong, Kayla Ka Yin 
192005The reliability and validity of therapeutic activity indexLow, Lisa Pau Le 
202005Understanding the sleep needs of older hospitalized patients: A review of the literatureLow, Lisa Pau Le