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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Researching supervision: A participative learning process for knowledge production in social work?Tsui, Ming Sum 
2020Resilience for dropout students with depression in secondary schools in Hong Kong: Parental attachment, hope and community integrationTsui, Ming Sum 
1997The roots of social work supervision: An historical reviewTsui, Ming Sum 
2019Scope of social work: Boundaries, components, criteria, targets or standards? (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2016Separation or connection: Redefining the boundary of the professional social work relationshipPak, Michael Chui Man ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
2015A snapshot of international views on the research agenda for social work supervisionTsui, Ming Sum 
2009Social work administration revisited: A re-examination of concepts, context, and contentTsui, Ming Sum 
2009Social work as a moral and political practiceTsui, Ming Sum 
2013Social work education in China: The way we were and the way aheadTsui, Ming Sum ; Pak, Michael Chui Man 
2020Social work geographic: International, local, cultural, political, or personal? (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2012Social work in Southern and Eastern AsiaTsui, Ming Sum 
2016Social work relationship as a process of generating hope: Roles of hope in social work knowledge and practiceTsui, Ming Sum ; Pak, Michael Chui Man 
2021Social work supervision in Hong KongTsui, Ming Sum 
2015Social work supervision research (1970-2010): The way we were and the way aheadTsui, Ming Sum 
2005Social work supervision: Contexts and conceptsTsui, Ming Sum 
2019Social work values in social services administration textbooks: A profession overshadow by a managerialist approachTsui, Ming Sum 
2020Social work's role during and after the pandemic: Keeping vigilant and hopeful on human rights (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
1999Social work: From an adjective to an objectiveTsui, Ming Sum 
2020Staying resilient, compassionate and ethical: Social work at the front line of the pandemic (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2006Study on the current state of supervision for social workers in Hong KongTsui, Ming Sum