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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017ASCII art synthesis from natural photographsLiu, Xueting 
2018Binocular tone mapping with improved overall contrast and local detailsLiu, Xueting 
2017Boundary-aware texture region segmentation from mangaLiu, Xueting 
2015Closure-aware sketch simplificationLiu, Xueting 
2019Colorblind-shareable videosLiu, Xueting 
2019Colorblind-shareable videos by synthesizing temporal-coherent polynomial coefficientsLiu, Xueting 
2019Deep binocular tone mappingLiu, Xueting 
2017Deep extraction of manga structural linesLiu, Xueting 
2021Deep halftoning with reversible binary patternLiu, Xueting 
2021Deep texture cartoonization via unsupervised appearance regularizationLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2019Deep visual sharing with colorblindLiu, Xueting 
2018Globally consistent wrinkle-aware shading of line drawingsLiu, Xueting 
2016Globally optimal toon trackingLiu, Xueting 
2018Invertible grayscaleLiu, Xueting 
2020Manga filling style conversion with screentone variational autoencoderLiu, Xueting 
2021Perceptual-aware sketch simplification based on integrated VGG layersLiu, Xueting 
2022Reference-guided structure-aware deep sketch colorization for cartoonsLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2015Region-based structure line detection for cartoonsLiu, Xueting 
2021Seamless manga inpainting with semantics awarenessLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2016Text-aware balloon extraction from mangaLiu, Xueting