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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023AddCR: A data-driven cartoon remasteringLi, Chengze ; Liu, Xueting 
2022Appearance-preserved portrait-to-anime translation via proxy-guided domain adaptationLi, Chengze ; Liu, Xueting 
2022Artificial intelligence and translationLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2022Artificial intelligence and translationLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2017ASCII art synthesis from natural photographsLiu, Xueting 
2018Binocular tone mapping with improved overall contrast and local detailsLiu, Xueting 
2017Boundary-aware texture region segmentation from mangaLiu, Xueting 
2015Closure-aware sketch simplificationLiu, Xueting 
2019Colorblind-shareable videosLiu, Xueting 
2019Colorblind-shareable videos by synthesizing temporal-coherent polynomial coefficientsLiu, Xueting 
2019Deep binocular tone mappingLiu, Xueting 
2017Deep extraction of manga structural linesLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2021Deep halftoning with reversible binary patternLiu, Xueting 
2021Deep texture cartoonization via unsupervised appearance regularizationLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze 
2019Deep visual sharing with colorblindLiu, Xueting 
2022End-to-end line drawing vectorizationLi, Chengze ; Liu, Xueting 
2018Globally consistent wrinkle-aware shading of line drawingsLiu, Xueting 
2016Globally optimal toon trackingLiu, Xueting 
2018Invertible grayscaleLiu, Xueting 
2020Manga filling style conversion with screentone variational autoencoderLiu, Xueting ; Li, Chengze