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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Approaching localizationChan, Sin Wai 
2020Aspects of traditional Chinese cultureChan, Sin Wai 
1979Buddhism and the major concepts in An Exposition of Benevolence by T'an Ssu-t'ungChan, Sin Wai 
1985Buddhism in late Ch'ing political thoughtChan, Sin Wai 
2020Cantonese cultureChan, Sin Wai 
2018Caught in the web of translation: Reflections on the compilation of three translation encyclopediasChan, Sin Wai 
2020Chinese calligraphyChan, Sin Wai 
2020Chinese culture in popular sayings and famous quotesChan, Sin Wai 
2020The Chinese language: The global, historical, and linguistic aspectsChan, Sin Wai 
2009A chronology of translation in China and the West: From the legendary period to 2004Chan, Sin Wai 
2000Compiling a Chinese-English Dictionary for TranslatorsChan, Sin Wai 
2001Compiling a Chinese-English Dictionary for TranslatorsChan, Sin Wai 
2007Computer-aided translation of public signsChan, Sin Wai 
2015Computer-aided translation: Major conceptsChan, Sin Wai 
2002Culture and humanity in the new millennium: The future of human values
2013The dancer and the dance: Essays in translation studies
2015The development of translation technology: 1967-2013Chan, Sin Wai 
2004Dictionaries and translatorsChan, Sin Wai 
2004A dictionary of translation technologyChan, Sin Wai 
2003Differences in the production and reception of translated texts-A case studyChan, Sin Wai