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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Accounting and management controls in the classical Chinese novel: A Dream of the Red MansionsChan, Koon Hung 
2011Aggregate quasi rents and auditor independence: Evidence from audit firm mergers in ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
2019Alternative agency relationships for offshore audits and audit quality: Evidence from U.S.‐ listed foreign companiesChan, Koon Hung 
2013Audit quality and tax aggressiveness: Evidence from a transition economyChan, Koon Hung 
1998Audit scheduling and the control of travel costs using an optimization model for multinational and multilocational auditsChan, Koon Hung 
2000Auditing standards in China — A comparative analysis with relevant international standards and guidelinesChan, Koon Hung 
2022Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory (AJPT)
2016Auditors' constraining effect on tax noncompliance at different book-tax conformity levels in a transition economyChan, Koon Hung 
2015Auditors’ constraining effect on tax noncompliance and its implications for financial statement misstatements in transition to adopt IFRSChan, Koon Hung 
2021Book-tax trade-off theory and corporate acquisitions: Evidence from ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
2012Can auditors constrain tax noncompliance?Chan, Koon Hung 
2021Can auditors' local knowledge compensate for a weaker regulatory oversight for the audit quality of foreign companies?Chan, Koon Hung 
2001Corporate environments and international transfer pricing: An empirical study of China in a developing economy frameworkChan, Koon Hung 
1997Corporate financial statements and annual reportsChan, Koon Hung 
2012Corporate governance and tax aggressivenessChan, Koon Hung 
2016Determinants and implications of long audit reporting lags: Evidence from ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
2021Do abnormal IPO audit fees signal IPO audit quality and post-IPO performance? A principal-agent analysis based on evidence from ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
2020Do big audit firms really deliver higher audit qualityChan, Koon Hung 
2017Does analyst’s face matter?Chan, Koon Hung 
2023Does IFRS convergence improve earnings informativeness? An analysis from the book-tax tradeoff perspectiveChan, Koon Hung