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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Promoting self-regulated learning by online educational resourcesWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Kong, Anthony Pui Keung ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Xie, Haoran ; Wong, Tak Lam 
22018A flexible graph-based model for facilitating digital learning activitiesWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Wong, Tak Lam 
32018Game-based vocabulary learning in China and Hong Kong: Students’ evaluation of different word learning appsWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran 
42018Extractive adversarial networks for network embeddingZhao, Yingchao ; Xie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee 
52018Learning dual preferences with non-negative matrix tri-factorization for Top-N recommender systemXie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee 
62018Investigating the effectiveness of vocabulary learning tasks from the perspective of the technique feature analysis: The effects of pictorial annotationsWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Xie, Haoran 
72018Nonrigid iterative closest points for registration of 3D biomedical surfacesXie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee 
82018Incorporating user experience into critiquing-based recommender systems: A collaborative approach based on compound critiquingXie, Haoran ; Wang, Debby Dan ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Wong, Tak Lam 
92018Modelling second language learners for learning task recommendationXie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Wong, Tak Lam 
102018Learning-based 3D surface optimization from medical image reconstructionXie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee