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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Identifying context familiarity for incidental word learning task recommendationsWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran 
22018Promoting self-regulated learning by online educational resourcesWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Kong, Anthony Pui Keung ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Xie, Haoran ; Wong, Tak Lam 
32016Social network application development based on cloud computing for web-based learningWang, Philips Fu Lee 
42015A teachers' survey on the effectiveness of e-learning platform in a higher education institutionHo, Wai Shing ; Ng, Anna Hoi Nga ; Leung, Kat Sze Ming ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Wong, Leung Pun 
52015Investigating acceptance towards mobile learning in higher education studentsWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
62015The impact of online discussion platform on students’ academic performanceNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Luk, Louise Nga Ying 
72018A flexible graph-based model for facilitating digital learning activitiesWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Wong, Tak Lam 
82016A clustering algorithm based on minimum spanning tree with e-learning applicationsWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran 
92019Multi-criteria decision making based architecture selection for single-hidden layer feedforward neural networksWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran 
102015Sentiment detection of short text via probabilistic topic modelingWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Xie, Haoran