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3412021Getting the methods right: Challenges and appropriateness of mixed methods research in health-related doctoral studiesSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3422020COVID-19: Emerging compassion, courage and resilience in the face of misinformation and adversity (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3432020Life in the pandemic: Some reflections on nursing in the context of COVID-19 (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3442020"Masking the evidence": Perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3452019The role of specialist nurses for organ donation: A solution for maximising organ donation rates?Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3462019Tai Chi: A promising adjunct nursing intervention to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease and improve psychosocial well-being in adults with hypertension (Commentary)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3472019Enhancing research integrity in academic nursing: The introduction of registered reports (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3482015Ensuring standards in publication ethics (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3492015Measurement of resilience in Chinese older peopleSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3502015The effects of Tai-Chi in conjunction with thera-band resistance exercise on functional fitness and muscle strength among community-based older peopleSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3512018Transparency in the reporting of nursing research (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3522015The effects of hazardous working conditions on burnout in Macau nursesSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3532018The position of reporting guidelines in qualitative nursing research (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3542014Surviving critical illness: Intensive care and beyond (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3552013The use of milk thistle in hepatitisSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3562018Effect of music intervention on apathy in nursing home residents with dementiaSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3572015Probiotics in gastroenterologySmith, Graeme Drummond 
3582015Health value and perceived control over health: Behavioural constructs to support Type 2 diabetes self-management in clinical practiceSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3592015Uncovering male and female experiences of irritable bowel syndromeSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3602015Nursing research in the 21st century - who sets the agenda? (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3612008An examination of subgroup classification in irritable bowel syndrome patients over time: A prospective studySmith, Graeme Drummond 
3622011Acupuncture for gastrointestinal disordersSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3632009Evaluating gravity versus pump irrigation for bowel dysfunctionSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3642011Exploring nursing staff’s attitudes and use of music for older people with dementia in long-term care facilitiesSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3652008The practice and research of complementary and alternative medicine in nursing (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3662013Inflammatory bowel disease in older peopleSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3672021The effect of chair-based dance movement therapy in the rehabilitation older people with depression symptoms in long-term residential care: An exploratory phase studySmith, Graeme Drummond 
3682012A Tai Chi exercise programme improved exercise behaviour and reduced blood pressure in outpatients with hypertensionSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3692002Impact of a nurse-led counselling service on quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel diseaseSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3702003Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: A ReviewSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3712011The use of CAM in gastroenterologySmith, Graeme Drummond 
3722020Palliative and end-of-life care’s barriers for older adultsSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3732001A randomized trial of thermal ablative therapy versus expandable metal stents in the palliative treatment of patients with esophageal carcinomaSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3742011Evaluation of CAM interventions (Editorial)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3752008Older people and inflammatory bowel disease: A systematic reviewSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3762010A systematic review of medical diagnosis of Ogilvie's syndrome in childbearingSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3772013The structure of stress: Confirmatory factor analysis of a Chinese version of the stressors in Nursing Students Scale (SINS)Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3782012Nurses’ beliefs, experiences and practice regarding complementary and alternative medicine in TaiwanSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3792014The effects of light therapy on depression and sleep disruption in older adults in a long-term care facilitySmith, Graeme Drummond 
3802008Saving Mothers’ Lives (formerly Why Mothers die): Reviewing maternal deaths to make motherhood safer 2003–2005Smith, Graeme Drummond 
3812011Knowledge of using acetaminophen syrup and comprehension of written medication instruction among caregivers with febrile childrenSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3822011Peppermint oil in gastrointestinal medicineSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3832021Building the case for improved health literacy in gastrointestinal rehabilitationSmith, Graeme Drummond ; Lai, Veronica Ka Wai ; Poon, Sara Wai Sha 
3842013Abdominal massage for constipation: Techniques, evidence base and safetySmith, Graeme Drummond 
3852005Acute pancreatitis: Pathophysiology and patient careSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3862008Implementation and evaluation of a pilot education programme in colorectal cancer management for nurses in ScotlandSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3872003Inflammatory bowel disease: Developing a short disease specific scale to measure health related quality of lifeSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3882002Alverine citrate fails to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome: Results of a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trialSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3892004The management of acute upper gastrointestinal bleedingSmith, Graeme Drummond 
3901998Appendicectomy and ulcerative colitisSmith, Graeme Drummond 
Results 1-50 of 108 (Search time: 0.037 seconds).