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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004GastritisSmith, Graeme Drummond 
22020Multifluid electrospinning for the generation of complex nanostructuresBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
32020Electrospun tri-layer nanodepots for sustained release of acyclovirWang, Menglong 
42014Quinolone alkaloids from Fructus Euodiae show activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
52023Recent progress of electrospun herbal medicine nanofibersBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
62023Progress in preparing electrospun Janus fibers and their applicationsBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
72023Exploring wettability difference-driven wetting by utilizing electrospun chimeric Janus microfiber comprising cellulose acetate and polyvinylpyrrolidoneBligh, Annie Sim Wan ; Wang, Menglong 
82023Thoughts and experiences regarding leg amputation among patients with diabetic foot ulcers: A phenomenological studyYip, Ka Huen ; Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King 
92023Heartbreak and loneliness due to family separations and limited visiting during COVID-19: A qualitative studyTsui, Zoe Wai King ; Yip, Ka Huen ; Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
102023Young adults' perspectives on the implications of an augmented reality mobile game for communities' public health: A qualitative studyYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Yip, Ka Huen ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King 
112023Psychological distress experienced by nurses amid the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong: A qualitative studySmith, Graeme Drummond 
122023How students learn in small group through online mode during the coronavirus pandemic: Descriptive narrativesKan, Crystal Wai Yee 
132022The health impacts and life challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on Hong Kong Chinese womenHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
142022The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Hong Kong nursing students’ mental health and quality of lifeHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
152022Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Hong Kong general population’s mental healthHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
162010Treatment with Qing'E, a kidney-invigorating Chinese herbal formula, antagonizes the estrogen decline in ovariectomized miceBligh, Annie Sim Wan 
172021The attitudes toward euthanasia among Hong Kong nursing studentsHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
182020Investigating the strategies adopted by emergency nurses to address uncertainty and change in the event of emerging infectious diseases: A grounded theory studyHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
192020Emergency nurses’ perceptions regarding the risks appraisal of the threat of the emerging infectious disease situation in emergency departmentsHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
202020Uncertainty surrounding the use of face masks in the community amid the COVID-19 pandemicHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
212021The psychological and life impacts on Hong Kong women during the COVID-19 pandemicHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
222021Impact of COVID-19 on Hong Kong women's health and quality of lifeHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
232023Improving multidisciplinary collaboration among baccalaureate nursing students with Challenge-Based Learning: A quasi-experimental study in Hong Kong samplesCheng, Winnie Lai Sheung 
242023Restraint use among residents with or without dementia in institutionalized home care settingsLow, Lisa Pau Le 
252023Accepting the difficult realities of caregiving of aging carers living with adult persons with intellectual disability and challenging behavioursLow, Lisa Pau Le ; Kwong, Alice Nga Lai ; Cheng, Angela Hiu Yeung ; Kan, Crystal Wai Yee 
262023Family members’ handling of challenging behaviour of adult persons with intellectual disability at home: Strategies that worked and alternatives exploredLow, Lisa Pau Le ; Kwong, Alice Nga Lai ; Cheng, Angela Hiu Yeung ; Wong, Maggie Yat Cheung 
272023Breastfeeding beyond borders: Exploring the resilience and challenges of Hong Kong mothers during the COVID-19 pandemicYip, Ka Huen ; Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King 
282019Population pharmacokinetic study and individual dose adjustments of high‐dose methotrexate in Chinese pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia or osteosarcomaHui, Matthew Ka Ho 
292022Medication burden among pediatric cancer survivors: Analysis of a population-wide electronic database in Hong KongHui, Matthew Ka Ho 
302021Evaluation of the estimation and classification performance of NONMEM when applying mixture model for drug clearanceHui, Matthew Ka Ho 
312016Dose optimization of efavirenz based on individual CYP2B6 polymorphisms in Chinese patients positive for HIVHui, Matthew Ka Ho 
322015Genotype-guided dose adjustment for the use of efavirenz in HIV treatmentHui, Matthew Ka Ho 
332021Associations between demographic characteristics, perceived threat, perceived stress, coping responses and adherence to COVID‐19 prevention measures among Chinese healthcare studentsCheng, Winnie Lai Sheung 
342021Factors associated with self-directed learning among undergraduate nursing students: A systematic reviewCheng, Winnie Lai Sheung 
352020Effects of Senior Simulation Suit Programme on nursing students' attitudes towards older adults: A randomized controlled trialCheng, Winnie Lai Sheung 
362021Roles of knowledge and attitude in the willingness of nursing students to care for older adults in Hong KongCheng, Winnie Lai Sheung 
372019A qualitative descriptive study of the contextual factors influencing the practice of emergency nurses in managing emerging infectious diseasesHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
382014Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines in cervical cancer prophylaxisChan, Carol Wai Yee 
392019Knowledge, attitude, and practice of breast self-examination among nursing students in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional studyHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
402019Emergency nurses’ perceptions of their roles and practices during epidemics: A qualitative studyHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
412017College students’ knowledge and attitudes toward bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A cross-sectional surveyHung, Maria Shuk Yu ; Chow, Meyrick Chum Ming 
422018Nurses’ preparedness for infectious disease outbreaks: A literature review and narrative synthesis of qualitative evidenceHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
432018Knowledge, practices, compliance and beliefs of university nursing students toward hand hygiene: A cross-sectional surveyHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
442018The transition challenges faced by new graduate nurses in their first year of professional experienceHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
452019A survey study on healthcare students’ knowledge, barriers, willingness and compassion of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) utilization in Hong KongHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
462019Professional duty and capacity in the management of an epidemic: A qualitative study of frontline emergency nursesHung, Maria Shuk Yu 
472019Effectiveness of the Mental Health First Aid Programme for college students in Hong KongHung, Maria Shuk Yu ; Chow, Meyrick Chum Ming 
482019Nursing students’ experiences of Mental Health First Aid training: A descriptive qualitative studyHung, Maria Shuk Yu ; Chow, Meyrick Chum Ming 
492019Can YouTube video clips be an experiential learning tool for nursing students to foster empathy?Siu, Minnie Mei Yi ; Yip, Ka Huen 
502019Qualitative study on the phenomenon of playing smartphone games among young adultsYip, Ka Huen 
Results 501-550 of 769 (Search time: 0.042 seconds).